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Adress: Ždiar 101, 059 55 Ždiar
Phone number: +421 948 887 994

Pension GORALTURIST is located in the village Ždiar. This goral village is typical of its traditions, customs, folk architecture and folklore. If you are looking for a pleasant atmosphere, relaxation and unforgettable excursions, our guest-house is the place for your holiday. Willingness, tradition and homemade cuisine will guarantee your satisfaction. The village of Ždiar is situated between Belianske Tatras and Spišská Magura, north of Poprad (32 km). With its enchanting nature and cultural attractions, it is also a popular locality for demanding visitors. During the summer months, you can enjoy hiking in the mountains and cycling. With the coming of winter snow comes and it is traditionally associated with skiing in Bachledova valley. One of the most valuable attractions is the Ždiarsky house. It is this museum that can best show you the uniqueness and beauty of the village. If you’re wondering where you spend the summer or winter holidays, you should choose one of the most beautiful mountain regions in Slovakia – the Belianske Tatras, and stay right under its majestic peaks. Come and convince yourself!