Tatras Tower Štrbské Pleso

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tatras tower strbske pleso tatry

The tallest and highest elevated tower is a unique entertainment and educational project unique of its kind not only in Slovakia. The Tower of Dreams brings the opportunity to experience unique emotions, experiences and moments that will delight, entertain, teach and at the same time allow you to enjoy the Tatras as you have never known them before. It will provide you with an authentic and meaningful experience of the natural beauties of the High Tatras and allow you to experience their unforgettable captivating charm in a whole new dimension using the most modern technologies that today offers.

The unique surprise in the form of the TATRAS TOWER mobile application is unparalleled even in Europe, thanks to which you will be able to have fun not only on the tower but also in the comfort of your home.

The Dream Tower is unique in its appearance, not only due to its aerial architectural form, but also due to its barrier-free access, type and method of construction.

TATRAS TOWER is a sophisticated 53 m high building, which is one of the highest in Europe and clearly the highest, with an entrance at an altitude of 1,367 m above sea level. The tower has the shape of an inclined hyperboloid. The peripheral supporting shell of the tower consists of 24 steel columns, which are wound in two directions. The inclination of the tower is 15 °. The walking part is wooden, while the footbridge in the upper part of the tower is terminated by a viewing platform with a net. The farthest tip of the platform is glazed.

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