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Restaurant Franz Josef Tatranská Lomnica

+421 52 285 3500

An intimate space under the original historical vaults of Hotel Lomnica is complemented with elements of modern design. It is dominated by bricks – typical for older wine cellars – that form the essence giving the restaurant its pleasant ambience. The interior contrasts with eye-catching accessories and a captivating atmosphere with a hint of Austro-Hungarian tradition, which is also reflected in the kitchen. On the spot, you can treat yourself to a multi-course tasting dinner with a harmonious selection of wines or soft drinks.

When creating exceptional dishes, a professional team of chefs offers an exhibition of creativity, passion and flavors called experiential gastronomy. In the restaurant connected to the wine bar, they enriched the local culinary culture with a modern and original style. Culinary art here is not only a game of the senses, but a moment of getting to know each other. Enjoy the unique atmosphere inspired by the unbridled love of two opposites, Franz and Sissi.

In the portfolio you will find wines from established and prestigious wineries appreciated by experts around the world. However, you can also choose from the production of smaller family wineries, which have a story behind them. Some of the varieties have a light body, an uncomplicated character, elegance, a distinctive aroma, fullness or special flavor intensity. They are served as a Pairing to the À la carte menu, but the staff will be happy to help you with a special selection according to your taste.

The restaurant currently offers 11-course and 8-course tasting menus with wine or non-alcoholic pairings.

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