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Loop Hike Via Priečne Sedlo

Crossing the saddleback Priečne sedlo is a very popular but challenging all-day hike. However, it’s not suitable for everyone – the stretch through the saddle from Malá to Veľká Studená dolina or vice versa is exposed and secured by chains. We can shorten the hike by overnight stay at one of the chalets Téryho chata, […]

Forest Pedagogy Facility KRÁSNE SADY

The forest pedagogy facility in Krásné Sly Mlynica is a private facility dedicated to the creation and implementation of various types of educational and leisure programs and activities connected with the natural environment. It is dedicated to creating programs for the following main categories: children, families with children, the elderly and people with reduced mobility. […]

Climbing Route Človečina to the Ridge Popradské zuby

Človečina, kl. V+, Zadný Popradský zub – Veľká Kôpka 2354m Here you can experience the smallness of human existence compared to the majestic mountains. The climb has a total elevation of 1,100 meters. Access to it leads to the little-visited, but even more charming Dračia dolinka (Dragon Valley). There are nine rope lengths waiting for […]

Cross-Country Skiing Jamy – Tatranská Lomnica

The route leads from the former Jamy ski area next to the cable car station to the water reservoir for snowmaking, which it bypasses. It rises 93 meters at 2 kilometers. The route is suitable as a supplement after downhill skiing.   Current state of the trails in the High Tatras Tips for other trails

Cross-Country Skiing Circuit Švorcov kút – Tatranská Štrba

The trail is outside the Snow Area, in Tatranská Štrba. This 4 km long circuit has an elevation of 45 m and will serve not only visitors but also the locals of Tatranská Štrba. Oficiálna FB stránka Oficiálna webová stránka

Walk from Štrbské to Jamské pleso

Pleasant approximately 2,5-hour walk there and back suitable for families with children. We start at Štrbské pleso railway station, from where we continue to the tarn by blue trail (). We pass along it on the left side, turn off at the red trail () and continue along a pleasant forest path towards Jamské pleso. […]

Ferrata via Priečne sedlo

Since the summer of 2021, you can diversify the demanding crossing over the saddle Priečne sedlo by using a new secured road – the so-called via ferrata, which runs parallel to the original chains in the exposed terrain. To start this secured route, use the same starting point as for the classic pass of Priečne […]

Park Ski School

The Park Ski School snowboard and ski school has been operating in Štrbské Pleso, in the heart of the High Tatras, for 10 years. In addition to a pleasant family atmosphere, it is important for the school that the best of skiing and snowboarding is passed on to all clients. If you are looking for […]

Tatra Fairies – Žabie plesá

A FOLKTALE ABOUT A FAIRY One swain from Štrba got engaged to a young girl, as beautiful as a rose. But when he urgently had to go to Poland for salt, he gave his future bride his ring as a sign of fidelity, and at the same time a bud from a Tatra rose, proving that before […]

Anjelský hang in Mlynická dolina and a Route Through Waterfall Skok

A unique place only an hour and a half away from Štrbské Pleso offers twelve new routes. All lead through extremely beautifully shaped and solid granite. Eight of them are single in lengths III to V +, which makes them ideal for children and beginners. The other four are in a wall 90 meters high […]

Cross-Country Circuit Vyšné Hágy

The highest elevated football field will be transformed into a 400 m long cross-country skiing circuit in winter. Try cross-country skiing in this interesting Tatra settlement. Official websites of the cross-country skiing tracks: https://www.facebook.com/tatraheim tatraheim.sk

Wandering in Belianske Tatras

Very beautiful hike in the Belianske Tatras – through a valley Zadné Meďodoly. We start in a village Tatranská Javorina at a bus stop Pošta. Then we continue 0,30h. along a comfortable paved path to a junction Rázcestie pod Muráňom. This part of the track is also suitable for a walk with a baby stroller […]

Ice Rink Horizont Resort – Stará Lesná

Open daily (during the winter season) Information and reservations: + 421 908 908 111 Opening hours: 10:00 – 20:00 Price list: Hotel guests – included in the price of the stay outside the time of private reservation External guests – 2 € all-day admission during opening hours Private reservation from 10:00 – 15:00 for 1 […]

Cross-Country Skiing Nový Smokovec – Vyšné Hágy

The popular trail along the road Cesta Slobody (“Road of Freedom”) from Nový Smokovec to Vyšné Hágy becomes an 8 km long cross-country ski trail in winter and it has beautiful views and minimal elevation gain. In case of favorable snow conditions, it is adjusted so that there is space for both pedestrians and cross-country […]

Hike to Vychodna Vysoka from Tatranska Polianka

Challenging all-day hike with exposed sections. Starting point of the hike is in Tatranská Polianka where from we proceed in the direction of a mountain hotel Sliezsky dom. It’s up to us if we continue with the asphalt road or the forest path that cuts through the long winding road. From Sliezsky dom that offers […]

Tatra Fairies – Waterfalls of Studený Potok

A FOLKTALE ABOUT A FAIRY The old legend states that at the Waterfall of Studený potok, near Hrebienok, the remains of the basin filled by a tarn are visible, perhaps three times larger than Veľké Hincovo tarn. It allegedly disappeared when its moraine dam was flooded by the Cold Creek. In this tarn lived fairies who destroyed […]

Ice Rink Nový Smokovec – Sibír

Skating rink located next to the track Tatra electric railways. Admission: free / public 9: 00-18:00 Ice Hockey: 18: 00-22:00 Lighting: yes

Loop Hike from Tatranská Lomnica through Waterfalls Studeného Potoka and Skalnaté Pleso

All day unchallenging hike with gentle incline. We start in Tatranská Lomnica in the cable car area. We go around the cable car station to Štart from the left side and continue on blue trail to an irrigation tank. We don’t have to be afraid to get off or miss the trail because the route […]

Furkotská dolina – Cross-Country Skiing Area Snow

A series of three circuits with a length from 3.5 to 6 km will take you through the Furkotská Valley. It only depends on you which turn you’ll use to come back. It is one of the top cross-country skiing experiences, the total ascent is more than 150 m and it is one of the […]

Ascent to Koprovsky stit from Strbske Pleso

Very beautiful and interesting all-day hike. We start from Strbske pleso along ( ) trails until we reach the junction of Trigan where we’ll decide if we want to continue along the red trail with beautiful views of Popradske pleso or to go along the green trail (during winter season this is the winter trail) […]

Tatra Fairies – Mengusovská Valley

A FOLKTALE ABOUT A FAIRY It allegedly happened long after all the mountain lads passed away… Bandits began to beat around in the mountains. They were not afraid of anything, neither peaks, nor fairies, nor the Lord God. Late in the evening, the bandit carried a bag of ducats on his back through Mengusovská Valley, and suddenly […]

Hike through Mlynická and Furkotská Dolina

All-day challenging hike through the valleys Mlynická and Furkotská dolina rich in natural beauty without any refreshment. The route takes us twice through more exposed terrain and is secured by chains. We start from Štrbské Pleso through the Mlynická dolina towards the Waterfall Skok, where leads a pleasant, slightly ascending forest path, later a rocky […]

Ice rink in Starý Smokovec – Hrebienok Resort

The highest artificially cooled ice rink in Slovakia is located in front of Hrebienok Resort right in the heart of Starý Smokovec. Admission: free / public 9: 00-21:00 Ice Hockey: no Lighting: no Skate rentals possible in Intersport Gálfy in the building.

Cross-Country Skiing Mengusovce

The tracks are located on grassy areas west of the village Mengusovce, copying the edges of the forest. They are a characteristic flat profile with slight ascents and descents, so they are also suitable for beginners and parents with children. Cross-country trails for classic cross-country skiing are on both edges of the groomed belt and […]

Through Zelené pleso to Jahňací štít

Very nice all-day hike for more demanding and skilled hikers. There are more possible ways how to get to the peak. The shortest track to Chata pri Zelenom plese („The Chalet at the Green Tarn“) leads from a bus stop Biela voda – 2,5 h. (). The comfortable trail leads through woods and meadows and […]

Ascent to Kriváň from Štrbské Pleso

Challenging all-day hike for tourists in good physical shape without the possibility of refreshment on the way. We start from Štrbské pleso and are heading to Jamské pleso -1h:10min. () following a comfortable forest path with minimal ascent up until we reach the trail junction Rázcestie pri Jamskom plese. We start our way up () […]

Tatra Fairies – The Great Cold Valley

A FOLKTALE ABOUT A FAIRY Once upon a time, a young shepherd lived in a chalet under the Tatras. He was mostly alone. And when he was sad, he took out his fujara (traditional Slovak musical instrument) and played such melodies on it that were unheard of in those parts of land. One evening, it was full moon, […]

Ice Rink in Tatranská Lomnica – Primary School

A classic ice rink in Tatranská Lomnica next to the Primary School. Admission: free / public 9: 00-18:00 Ice Hockey: 18: 00-22:00 Lighting: yes

Sprint Trail – Cross-Country Skiing Area Snow

One of the trails which has been approved by FIS certification has an elevation of 42 m on a length of 1.6 km. It is classified as moderate. Official FB webpage Official website

Tatranská Magistrála: Part Four

The last part of Tatranská magistrála from Popradské pleso to Podbanské awaits us. This route is not technically demanding, but if we want to go all the way till the end, it is quite long. We start at Popradské pleso and after 1,10 h h by red trail () we arrive at Štrbské Pleso, where […]

Hike to Waterfall Skok

A simple hike also for families with kids. We start at Štrbské Pleso, where we can get either by tram or there are several parking lots available in the area. The beginning of our trail to the Waterfall Skok 1,35 h () can be found at the signpost at the turn to the chairlift to […]

Tatra Fairies – Končistá

A FOLKTALE ABOUT A FAIRY Everyone knows the folktale about the peak Končistá. It is said that the huge boulder at its top once served as an anvil of a giant of evil nature, who meant to break the mountains because he got irritated by their size. He laid the boulders, which did not disintegrate enough under […]

Cross-Country Skiing Dolný Smokovec – Circuit Farské lúky

A simple 400 m long circuit is especially suitable for beginners and children. It is located on a meadow between the primary school building, the parish and the housing estate. No total ascent. Our tip – you can alternate this cross-country skiing circuit with skating on a nearby ice rink.

Ascent to Predné Solisko along the ski slope

A moderately strenuous half-day hike. We start our hike from the bottom station of the chair lift in Štrbské Pleso and continue up until the chalet Chata pod Soliskom – 1,50 h (). The trail is at first a forest path and then changes into rocky with stone steps. The chalet offers refreshment and a […]

Ice rink Štrbské Pleso near Tatras Tower

Ice rink in Štrbské Pleso near Tatras Tower. Entrance : for 2 hours  2 EUR -child under 15years 3 EUR – adults 3 EUR – skate renatls 4 EUR – skate rentals + entrance child under 15 years 5 EUR – skate renatls  + entrance adult 40 EUR – rental of ice rink for 1 […]

Žabie plesá

The tarns Big, Small and Upper Žabie plesá (literal translation: “Frog Tarns”) are located at an 1919m. altitude in the basin Kotlina Žabích plies in the valley Mengusovská dolina. They will cheer you up while climbing up to the chalet Chata pod Rysmi and peak Rysy. You can spot both Big and Small Žabie pleso […]

Circuit Slepé pleso (“Blind Tarn”) – Cross-Country Skiing Area Snow

The shortest circuit from the elevation difficult routes in the length of 2.5 km with an elevation gain of 90 m leads around the “Blind Tarn” – an almost dry lake, which is increasingly being replaced by peat and has water only during heavy rainfall. From this route, you can also enjoy the view of […]

Hike from Popradské pleso to Rysy

All-day interesting hike for tourists in good physical shape. Starting from tram station Popradske Pleso the asphalt road leads us to the tarn Popradské pleso (1:15h ) and two nearby standing chalets: Chata pri Popradskom plese and Majláthova chata. Here we can relax, refresh ourselves and recover before the climb to the peak. If we […]

Natural ice rink – Štrbské Pleso – Hotel Solisko

The highest representation of natural (artificially uncooled) ice rinks at Štrbské pleso near Hotel Solisko. Admission: free / public Ice Hockey: no Lighting: no

From Belianske to High Tatras

Very pleasant hike from Tatranská Kotlina through chalet Plesnivec to the tarn Veľké Biele pleso, where we can see an interesting transition between Belianske and High Tatras. We start in Tatranská Kotlina at the bus stop Čarda. From here leads the easiest trail to the chalet (1:55 h) and we can get there by a […]

Ice Rink – Aréna Poprad

Ice rink near the Poprad Arena. opening hours for the public: Monday, Thirsday (during the school year): 10:00-20:00 Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (during the school year): 12:00-20:00 Saturday, Sunday, public holidays: 10:00-20:00 Information and instructions for visitors to the ice rink: Ice skating is free. It is not allowed to enter the ice surface with a […]

Cross-Country Skiing in Belianske Tatras

Cross-country skiing in the Belianske Tatras is possible on 56 km of trails in the following resorts: Bachledka Ski and Sun https://bachledka.sk/zima/lyzovanie/zjazdovky-a-vleky Skicentrum Strednica Ždiar https://www.strednica.sk/o-stredisku-zima Strachan – Ski centrum https://skicentrumstrachan.sk/zjazdovky-a-vleky/ Ski Monkova dolina https://www.magurahotel.sk/sk/lyziarske-stredisko/bezecke-trate.htm

Smokovec Beech

European beech, also known in Latin as Fagus sylvatica, is deciduous and currently one of the most common trees in Europe. It grows to a height of 40 meters with a wide crown. Beeches are generally undemanding trees of the ocean climate with sensitivity to drought, frost and air pollutants. A beautiful example of a […]

Tatranská Magistrála: Part Two

Tatranská Magistrála cross-over from Chata pri Zelenom plese through a saddle Veľká Svišťovka, along a tarn Skalnaté pleso up to a chalet Zamkovského chata. In the section Chata pri Zelenom plese – Veľka Svišťovka, the hike is more difficult with partially exposed terrain secured by chains. It’s more beautiful to do the hike in the […]

From Chata pod Soliskom to Wahlenbergove tarns

Medium challenging half-day hike with a help of a chairlift from Štrbské pleso to a chalet Chata pod Soliskom. We’ll take a blue marked rocky trail () 0,15h. to a junction Rázcestie pod Soliskom from where we turn off onto a yellow trail (). We follow 1,15h. through a valley Furkotská dolina up to the […]

Rafting Down the River Belá

The meanders of the upper section of the wildest Slovak river Belá are accessible to adrenaline enthusiasts exclusively in a one person sit on kayak or canoe. This first official starting point for wild water enthusiasts offers up to 3.5 kilometers long rafting through the meanders of the river, which is known for its predation […]

Ice Rink in Tatranská Lomnica – jazierko

Natural lake in the area of ​​Relax Park Jazierko in Tatranská Lomnica. Admission: public 9: 00-18: 00, fee 2 eur Ice Hockey: 18:00-22:00 Lighting: yes

Children’s Center KINDERLAND Stará Lesná

In the Hotel Lesana in Stará Lesná, the KINDERLAND Children’s Center will welcome you – a world of laughter, fun and joy. Climbing and chases in the field, slides and climbing frames, a corner full of colored balls, trampolines, table football, table tennis, air hockey or board games. All this was prepared by Hotel Lesana […]

Cross-Country Skiing around Poprad

The surroundings of the Tatras offer a total of 46.5 km of trails of varying difficulty in the following areas: KUBAŠOK – SPIŠSKÉ BYSTRÉ http://www.kubasok.sk/ SNOWPARK LUČIVNÁ – ZADNÉ TABLE https://www.snowpark.sk/#sluzby  LOPUŠNÁ DOLINA http://www.svitlopusnadolina.sk/ ŠTÔLA https://www.stola.sk/–71-420-bezecke-trate-v-obci—stopa-zacina-od-miestneho-cintorina MENGUSOVCE https://www.mengusovce.sk/mengusovsky-bezkar/

Tatranská Magistrála: Part One

All day hike in Belianske Tatras for lovers of less frequented hiking trails. This is the first part of the Tatranská Magistrála cross-over: Ždiar – Monkova dolina, Kopské sedlo – Zelené pleso. We start the hike in the village of Ždiar – bus stop Tatra. We strike out in the direction of a junction Rázcestie […]

From Popradské Pleso to Veľké and Malé Hincovo pleso

Very nice technically undemanding hike in the valley Mengusovská dolina for lovers of Tatra tarns. We set off from the Popradské Pleso tram stop. It would be ideal to get here by tram because then we can return with another route. A comfortable wide asphalt road leads to Popradské pleso, which in summer also serves […]

Mountain Hotel SLIEZSKY DOM

At 1,670 metres above sea level, Sliezsky dom is the highest-altitude mountain hotel in Slovakia, offering the full range of services to its guests. Located directly under Gerlach, the highest mountain summit in Slovakia. The Sliezsky dom mountain hotels has a unique location and offers the full range of services to satisfy even the most […]

Cross-Country Skiing Trail – Old Route from Štrbské pleso to Tatranská Štrba

The trail is already outside the Snow Area. We recommend almost 4 km downhill on an old road with a total ascent of more than 350 m in case of favorable snow conditions instead of going by cog railway. You can find the start under Móry’s viewpoint.   Current state of trails in Cross-Country Skiing […]

Tatranská Magistrála: Part Three

We continue where we left off – this time at Zamkovského chata. We’ll hike through Sliezsky dom to Popradské pleso. This is technically undemanding but quite long track with several possibilities of rest and refreshment along the road. If we are crossing the entire Tatranská Magistrála, then we’ll start at Zamkovského chalet where we slept. […]

Ascent to Predné Solisko through Furkotská dolina

Medium challenging half-day hike. We start the hike from Štrbské pleso 0,40 h to a junction Rázcestie pod Furkotou. If we continued along the red trail we would get to a tarn Jamské pleso but we choose the yellow trail instead. After 1h. along first forest path and then stone steps we get to a […]

Art Lasák Gallery & Shop

Art Lasák Gallery & Shop in Poprad was founded by the artist Silvia Lasák, who, in addition to her own work, presents the original works of more than 40 professional artists from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, whom she knows personally from various artfests, exhibitions and international symposia. In the gallery, in addition to beautiful […]

Ice Rink Vyšné Hágy – estate Housing

A classic ice rink next to the Primary school in Vyšné Hágy. Admission: free / public 9:00-18:00 Ice Hockey: 18:00-22:00 Lighting: yes

Cross-Country Skiing Kolbisko – Tatranská Lomnica

An interesting circuit, with a skating and classic track. It leads through the Kolbiská area, around the Botanical Garden or the TANAP State Forests building.   Current state of the trails in the High Tatras Tips for other trails

Long Ascent to Slavkovský štít

A long strenuous all-day hike without the possibility of refreshment, by many tourists referred to as endless :-). We start from Starý Smokovec following the blue trail next to the funicular station up until a junction Rázcestie pod Slavkovským štítom 1h:10min. From here we continue by slowly ascending to Slavkovská vyhliadka where we can rest […]

From Tatranská Kotlina or Kežmarské Žľaby to Chalet Plesnivec

Easy pleasant hike to the only chalet in the Belianske Tatras suitable also for families with children. We start in Tatranská Kotlina at the bus stop Čarda. From here leads the easiest trail to the chalet (1:55 h). The hiking trail starts right next to the main road either at the bus stop or from […]

Ice Rink in Dolný Smokovec – Primary School

A classic ice rink in Dolný Smokovec next to the Primary School. Admission: free / public 9: 00-18:00 Ice Hockey: 18: 00-22:00 Lighting: yes

Andel’s trail – Cross-Country Skiing Area Snow

On the Andel’s trail, the operators of the Cross-Country Skiing Area Snow guarantee snowmaking, thanks to which it is often used by sports clubs and event organizers. On this 2 km of medium-difficult trail, 70 m of elevation is waiting for you, you can of course use classic style as well as skating.   Current […]

Helicopter next to the Poprad-Tatry Airport

Experience what it’s like to sit in a real rescue helicopter. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of AIR – TRANSPORT EUROPE, in June 2021, an Agusta A109K2 helicopter was placed in the park in front of the Poprad-Tatry Airport complex, which is open to the general public, including the interior and the actual […]

Hike through Veľká Studená dolina to Zbojnícka chata

Very pleasant half-day hike through beautiful green valley Veľká Studená dolina. Our starting point is Hrebienok where we can get by funicular. Those who want to start earlier or don’t mind prolonging their hike can already start in Starý Smokovec and walk to Hrebienok by foot following the green trail . From Hrebienok we set […]

From Tatranská Lesná through the Waterfalls to Tatranská Lomnica

Pleasant walk suitable for families with children. We start in Tatranská Lesná, where we can easily get by tram. After getting out, we cross the road and the guidepost immediately directs us towards Vodopády Studeného potoka that will take about 1,30 h on a yellow trail (). We follow first a forrest path, later a […]

Cross-Country Skiing on the Tarn Štrbské pleso

Frozen tarn Štrbské pleso is a great attraction not only for hikers but especially for cross-country skiers. We would like to warn you that cross-country skiing on the tarn is not part of the cross-country skiing area, the trail is not groomed and the entrance is at your own risk. Please reconsider cross-country skiing at […]

Cross-Country Skiing Starolesnianske lúky – Tatranská Lomnica

Ski from Tatranská Lomnica to the 8 km long classic track towards Stará Lesná or ski parallel with the rails until you connect to 12 km of cross-country trails in the golf complex in Veľká Lomnica. In Stará Lesná, you can study interesting things on the Astronomical education trail on cross-country skis. We also recommend […]

Hike through Malá Studená dolina to Téryho chata

Half-day hike through the valley Malá Studená dolina. Our starting point is Hrebienok where we can get by funicular. Those who want to start earlier or don’t mind prolonging their hike can already start in Starý Smokovec and walk to Hrebienok by foot following the green trail . From Hrebienok we set out on a […]

From Štrbské Pleso to Symbolic Cemetery and Popradské pleso

Pleasant half-day hike suitable also for families, with more options for refreshment and relaxation. Our starting point is at Štrbské Pleso railway station, from where we follow the red and blue trails ( ) on an asphalt road along the souvenir stands. We pass under a bridge. We continue straight up across a bridge to […]

Cross-Country Skiing Veľká Lomnica

In winter, the Black Stork Golf Resort offers a total of 12 km of groomed classic-style cross-country skiing trails. The trails are located in the golf resort complex, close to the International Hotel. Name of the Trail Length Difficulty Profile Easy Medium Difficult Classic Skate Circuit A1 2,6 km • • Circuit A2 1,5 km […]

Cross-Country Circuit Lúky – Tatranská Polianka

Ski on the 2 or 3 km long circuits on the meadows between Tatranská Polianka and Gerlachov. Find out more about the history of cross-country skiing in Tatranská Polianka HERE! Official websites of the cross-country skiing tracks: https://www.facebook.com/tatraheim tatraheim.sk

Sliezsky dom from Tatranská Polianka

Popular, technically undemanding hike from Tatranská Polianka to the Mountain Hotel Sliezsky dom. Starting point for our hike is in Tatranská Polianka, where we can easily get by tram or park our car at a small parking lot right by the road. Right next to the main road to the left of the digital gallery […]

From Hrebienok Through the Waterfalls to Zamkovského chata

Easy pleasant walk suitable for families with children. We start at Hrebienok, where we got by the funicular from Starý Smokovec. We continue towards Bilíkova chata and waterfalls (). After 0,15 h we get to a junction Rázcestie nad Dlhým vodopádom. It pays off to descend a few meters on a yellow trail () and […]

Loisch’s Spring Tatranské Matliare

Loisch’s spring, which has long been said to belong to the healing mineral waters, springs up along the tourist path leading to the valley Dolina Zeleného plesa. The surroundings of the spring were a popular walking place for spa guests and around it already in the 19th century a tourist path led to the valley […]

Town Park in Tatranská Lomnica

The town park in Tatranská Lomnica is the oldest park in the High Tatras and the surrounding area. Its history dates back to 1892. It is located in the heart of the picturesque mountain settlement of Tatranská Lomnica. There are typical Tatra plant species located here. It is a popular place for everyday walks with […]

Ski Touring

Ski Touring combines alpine hiking and skiing. It belongs among the very popular and increasingly common sports in the High Tatras. Everyone will find something for themselves here – from recreational skiers to racers. Walking up ski slopes For beginners, the ideal start for this sport are trips on machine groomed slopes, where it’s necessary […]

Conservation Reserve of Folk Architecture in Osturňa

The village is located at an altitude of 600 to 900 m. in the NW part of the Spišská Magura mountain range. In the southern part of the cadastre, the Magura ridges reach about 1200 m above sea level. The village is situated on the border with Poland, in the vicinity of Tatranská Javorina, Ždiar, […]

Tatras Tower Štrbské Pleso

The tallest and highest elevated tower is a unique entertainment and educational project unique of its kind not only in Slovakia. The Tower of Dreams brings the opportunity to experience unique emotions, experiences and moments that will delight, entertain, teach and at the same time allow you to enjoy the Tatras as you have never […]

Luge Starting Track Starý Smokovec

The Luge Starting Track is built in the beautiful mountain environment of the High Tatras in Starý Smokovec. It is a unique building, the only one of its kind in Slovakia, which is used to practice the start of luge, but also for the general public, who can try a safe ride on a real […]

Greetings from prehistoric ages Štrbské Pleso

On a green meadow, near the path to Námestie MS in Štrbské Pleso, there is a group of boulders that resembles a prehistoric burial ground. From prehistoric times to the present day, stones have been an integral part of cult places and burial sites. It is likely that the stone cluster is one of them. […]

Symbolic Cemetery at Popradské Pleso

The Symbolic Cemetery (1525 m) is an important Tatra memorial site near the tarn Popradské pleso under the western walls of Ostrva. The memorial cemetery is intended primarily to commemorate those who died in the High Tatras or the exceptional people from the Tatras, who lost their lives in the world’s mountains. You’ll find here […]

Mrs. Čenková’s Cottage in Tatranská Lomnica

Mrs. Čenková’s cottage was established in a gamekeeper’s house in 1881 near the former smuggling route (now called Cesta slobody – Freedom Road) leading from Starý Smokovec. It’s also mentioned in the German version of the yearbook of the Hungarian Carpathian Association from 1894. To this day, it stands in the central part of the […]

Crypt of the Family Szontagh in Nový Smokovec

Mikuláš Szontagh was an important doctor, the founder of Nový Smokovec and a pioneer of climatic treatment of respiratory diseases and tuberculosis. Under his leadership, Nový Smokovec grew slowly. When he died in 1899, there were up to 38 buildings that formed a complex of healing settlements. The rest consisted of summer houses. However, his […]

Pekná vyhliadka – Lookout

The lookout at Pekná vyhliadka can be found near Smokovecká kyselka spring well above Starý Smokovec. Several undemanding routes lead to it. The ascent can also be combined with a walk to a calvary, which also leads to the outlook. The lookout is equipped with a wooden, covered gazebo with seating.

Vila Marína Štrbské Pleso

The summer house was built in 1982 by the then-director of Starý Smokovec and was named after the famous spa in Italy – Vila Tivoli. At that time, originally 10 accommodation rooms were created here, and medical treatments were also available to guests. It was renamed during the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic. It got […]

Starolesnianske pleso

Starolesnianske tarn is situated in Veľká Studená dolina on the right side of yellow trail in the direction to Priečne sedlo from Zbojnícka chata at an altitude of 1988m. with depth circa 4 meters and area of 7,2 ha.

Tatra Gallery in Poprad

The Tatra Gallery was established in 1960 and its first seat was Starý Smokovec, where we can still find the exhibition hall – Vila Flóra. After several places of operation, it finally settled in Poprad. Currently, it presents its activities in the former steam power plant on Hviezdoslavova street, but also in other cultural institutions […]

Veľká Studená dolina

Veľká Studená dolina is a 7 km long valley, highly attractive for tourists. Behind the narrow closure, it is divided by several rocky thresholds in the upper enlarged part. They hide the highest number of tarns (22) from all the Tatra valleys. In the south, it is lined by a massive character of the Slavkovský […]

Malá Studená dolina

Malá Studená dolina is is a 4,5 km long, terraced valley, often visited by tourists. It has an old mining tradition (gold and copper mining until the mid-19th century). In the lower forested threshold is an attractive Obrovský vodopád (“Giant Waterfall”), which can be admired directly from the Tatra Magistrala (red trail ). The green […]

Educational Trail Rakytovské plieska

Educational trail that allows visitors to get to know the effects of the calamity on the Tatra forest and the possibilities of its restoration. The 4,5 km long walk takes about two hours. The route leads through moderately demanding mountain terrain and has five stops. You’ll have an opportunity to see and learn how the […]


One of the best lookout peaks, which rises in the western part of the High Tatras. According to people from Zakopane, Svinica, when viewed from Gubalówka, has the shape of a pig’s head. Svinica is the last peak in the High Tatras and it is situated at the border of Slovakia and Poland. As it […]

Educational Trail Pramenisko

The educational trail is a part of an almost 3,5-kilometer long loop walk that starts next to the Botanical garden in Tatranská Lomnica. Because of its uniqueness, Pramenisko was declared a national nature reserve (the area with the highest level of protection). It belongs to the list of 72 nationally significant wetlands and is a […]

Sesterské plesá

Three Sesterské plesá (“Three Sister Tarns”) are situated in Veľká Studená dolina near Zbojnícka chata. Nižné Sesterské pleso (“Lower Sister Tarn”) lies at an altitude of 1960 m. and is the biggest of them all. Above it and close to the yellow trail in the direction of Priečne sedlo is Stredné a Vyššie Sesterské pleso […]

Slavkovský štít

Slavkovský štít is popular among the tourists and it’s situated at the end of the south-eastern crotch which joins the Východná Vysoká peak. The northern slope of the Slavkovský štít is characteristic with a large number of very steep ravines falling down to the Veľká Studená dolina. The southern slope is full of scree material. […]

Waterfall Skok

Waterfall Skok is a massive waterfall in the middle of the valley Mlynická dolina, well visible from Štrbské pleso. Legend has it that it originated from a girl’s tears, weeping for the loss of a beloved, a poacher who died here, chasing chamois. Close to the waterfall, there is a hiking trail from Štrbské Pleso […]

Educational Trail Kvetnica

The trail represents various forest vegetation zones of Slovakia on a small area of Mestské lesy Poprad (Forests of Poprad), the historical archaeological locality of Zámčisko and the National nature reserve of Hranovnícka dubina. Kvetnica – Zámčisko Medieval castle – fort at Zámčisko Nature and landscape protection Beech forests Oak forests Spruce forests Forest park […]

Pedal Planet Nová Polianka

Pedal Planet is one of the largest private collections of pedal cars in Europe. More than 110 exhibits out of a total of 300 pieces are divided into six main groups in the Tatras Gallery. You are offered more than 50 unique cars, which are divided according to the country of origin: Italy, Germany, Russia, […]

Skalnaté pleso

Skalnaté pleso lies at an altitude of 1751 m. Originally called Lomnické pleso, it is situated in the valley Skalnatá dolina below the southern cliffs of Lomnický štít. According to measurements from 1935 it has 0,46 ha with dimensions of 119 x 58 meters, but according to measurements from 1963 it has 1,24 ha with […]

Jahňací štít

Jahňací štít (2229 m) is the easternmost peak of the High Tatras. There are four ridges going from the peak: southwestern – towards Kolové sedlo, where the marked hiking trail leads, northwestern – separates Jahňací kotol from Kolová dolina, northeastern – belongs to Kopské sedlo and southeastern – separates Červená dolina from Dolina Bielych plies. […]

Waterfalls and Cascades of Studený Potok

The Waterfalls of Studený potok form a section of Studený potok from the confluence of the creek Veľký Studený potok from the valley Veľká Studená dolina and Malý Studený potok from Malá Studená dolina in close proximity to the former chalet Kamzík, up to the chalet Bilíkova chata, where the waterfalls end. The creek Studený […]