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Educational Trails

Get to know the High Tatras through educational boards and brighten your children’s hikes with interesting stops.

Educational Trail Belianske Meadows

The Belianske lúky National Nature Reserve is the largest preserved peat bog in Slovakia, with distinctive habitats, flora and fauna. We offer you the opportunity to learn more about the beauty of this unique location through an educational trail. The total length of the nature trail is 800 m. The whole route from the main […]

Educational Geological Area Podmuráň

In Javorova dolina there is a unique geological exposition with three panels and a board with photographs and a detailed description of the very creation and shaping of the Tatras, up to its present form, as well as rock exhibits. We start in Tatranská Javorina at the Pošta bus stop, continue 0.30 h. along the […]

From Štrbské Pleso to Popradské pleso

Through forest between Pleso (village) and pleso (tarn) – this could be the name of the almost 4km long trail which crosses through the mountain ridge Trigan. It’s possible to pass it in an hour and a half. Throughout the 14 stops, the tourist will learn that the region doesn’t consist only from trees but […]

Educational Trail Fľak

Educational trail Fľak is located in Tatranská Kotlina and points to the history of local forests and forestry technical monuments. There are 10 stops with information panels in total and the route forms a closed circuit. The first part of the trail starts at the bus stop Čarda. If we arrive by car, there is […]

Educational Trail to the Belianska Cave

This trail leading from Tatranská Kotlina to the Belianska cave has 6 stops dealing with geology and speleology. Educational trail to the Belianska cave Geology a geomorphology Forest communities and soils Flora Fauna Fauna of the cave Tatranská Kotlina – Belianska cave 0:45 h ↔   1 km

Educational Trail Kvetnica

The trail represents various forest vegetation zones of Slovakia on a small area of Mestské lesy Poprad (Forests of Poprad), the historical archaeological locality of Zámčisko and the National nature reserve of Hranovnícka dubina. Kvetnica – Zámčisko Medieval castle – fort at Zámčisko Nature and landscape protection Beech forests Oak forests Spruce forests Forest park […]

Educational Trail Hrebienok

The circuit, which is about 4 km long without large elevations, starts and ends at Hrebienok. The stroll will take you an hour to an hour and a half. Printed materials in wooden boxes are available for German- and English-speaking tourists. At the stops you will learn how glaciers completed the Tatra valleys, which is […]

Educational Trail Skalnaté pleso

An entertaining and educational trail for children around the tarn Skalnaté pleso is part of the project Tatranská divočina (“Tatra Wilderness”). The Tatra animals will guide the children through five stops and teach them basic and unusual information about the High Tatras. On the boards, they will learn about Skalnaté pleso, about the Lomnický štít […]

Educational Trail – Slovak Mining Trail

The Educational Trail Slovak Mining Trail (in Slovak Slovenská banská cesta) can be found in the Kvetnica district of Poprad. The trail offers us a pleasant walk in the woods and is focused on the history of mining and mining activities in this area. It is 3,200 meters long and is designed for all ages. […]

Educational Trail Štrbské Pleso

The educational trail is focused on the history of the settlement of Štrbské Pleso, flora, fauna and personalities that were active here, sport events, the spa history and a lot of other useful information. The route leads from the railway station in the direction of the ski resort under the bridges at the FIS hotel […]

Educational trail of nature and landscape protectors

You can find the educational trail of nature and landscape protectors in Tatranská Lomnica between Grand hotel Praha and the building of old cable car to Skalnaté Pleso and Lomnický peak. The trail leads from Tatranská Lomnica to Tatranské Matliare and you will get to Hotel Sorea Hutník. You can find here four panels which […]

Woodcarvings in Poprad Kvetnica

Discover woodcarvings of Tatra animals on a pleasant family walk in the suburban receational forest  Poprad –  Kvetnica near the High Tatras. You can get here by individual transport, public transport or by bike. You can choose a short circuit around a popular quarry with beautiful views, where you can find e.g. woodcatvings of  snail, […]

Educational Trail Rakytovské plieska

Educational trail that allows visitors to get to know the effects of the calamity on the Tatra forest and the possibilities of its restoration. The 4,5 km long walk takes about two hours. The route leads through moderately demanding mountain terrain and has five stops. You’ll have an opportunity to see and learn how the […]

Educational Trail Pramenisko

The educational trail is a part of an almost 3,5-kilometer long loop walk that starts next to the Botanical garden in Tatranská Lomnica. Because of its uniqueness, Pramenisko was declared a national nature reserve (the area with the highest level of protection). It belongs to the list of 72 nationally significant wetlands and is a […]

Educational Trail the History of the Smokovec Settlements

During a walk with 7 stops through the Starý and Nový Smokovec, the visitor will learn a lot of interesting information about the history of the Smokovec settlements. The trail is not marked, the info panels are located at the following stops: Starý Smokovec bus station Mineral Spring Smokovecká Kyselka – from the bus station […]

Astronomical Educational Trail

Currently, the educational trail contains 13 panels with the most important information not only about the instrumentation of the Astronomical Institute but also about celestial bodies. The trail starts at the main building of the institute and ends at the last dome with binoculars. From Tatranská Lomnica, a trail leads to it, either for pedestrians, […]

Lakes of Love at Štrbské Pleso

Lakes of love has origin name Štrbské rybníky. Founder of Štrbské pleso – Jozef Szentiványi have used them for trout fishing. Lakes in these days are very popular for walks and for young couples. You can find places to sit, relax there and you will be still near center of the village. The educational trail […]

Educational Trail Zadné Meďodoly

The educational trail Zadné Meďodoly leads along the hiking trail on the border of the High and Belianske Tatras – partially through the valley Javorová dolina and the whole valley of Zadné Meďodoly. On the blue-marked hiking trail there are ten information boards. The tourist can learn more about fauna and flora, the history of […]

Educational Trail Monkova dolina

Very nice, but demanding educational trail with a large elevation and partially steep ascent will take us through 6 stops – from Ždiar to the mouth of the valley Monkova dolina through the confluence of the river Biela and a creek Rígeľský potok, through Monkova dolina, Široké sedlo to Kopské sedlo. Along the way we […]