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Interesting Places

Smokovec Beech

European beech, also known in Latin as Fagus sylvatica, is deciduous and currently one of the most common trees in Europe. It grows to a height of 40 meters with a wide crown. Beeches are generally undemanding trees of the ocean climate with sensitivity to drought, frost and air pollutants. A beautiful example of a […]

Loisch’s Spring Tatranské Matliare

Loisch’s spring, which has long been said to belong to the healing mineral waters, springs up along the tourist path leading to the valley Dolina Zeleného plesa. The surroundings of the spring were a popular walking place for spa guests and around it already in the 19th century a tourist path led to the valley […]

Town Park in Tatranská Lomnica

The town park in Tatranská Lomnica is the oldest park in the High Tatras and the surrounding area. Its history dates back to 1892. It is located in the heart of the picturesque mountain settlement of Tatranská Lomnica. There are typical Tatra plant species located here. It is a popular place for everyday walks with […]

Symbolic Cemetery at Popradské Pleso

The Symbolic Cemetery (1525 m) is an important Tatra memorial site near the tarn Popradské pleso under the western walls of Ostrva. The memorial cemetery is intended primarily to commemorate those who died in the High Tatras or the exceptional people from the Tatras, who lost their lives in the world’s mountains. You’ll find here […]

Crypt of the Family Szontagh in Nový Smokovec

Mikuláš Szontagh was an important doctor, the founder of Nový Smokovec and a pioneer of climatic treatment of respiratory diseases and tuberculosis. Under his leadership, Nový Smokovec grew slowly. When he died in 1899, there were up to 38 buildings that formed a complex of healing settlements. The rest consisted of summer houses. However, his […]

Tatras Tower Štrbské Pleso

The tallest and highest elevated tower is a unique entertainment and educational project unique of its kind not only in Slovakia. The Tower of Dreams brings the opportunity to experience unique emotions, experiences and moments that will delight, entertain, teach and at the same time allow you to enjoy the Tatras as you have never […]

Luge Starting Track Starý Smokovec

The Luge Starting Track is built in the beautiful mountain environment of the High Tatras in Starý Smokovec. It is a unique building, the only one of its kind in Slovakia, which is used to practice the start of luge, but also for the general public, who can try a safe ride on a real […]

Mrs. Čenková’s Cottage in Tatranská Lomnica

Mrs. Čenková’s cottage was established in a gamekeeper’s house in 1881 near the former smuggling route (now called Cesta slobody – Freedom Road) leading from Starý Smokovec. It’s also mentioned in the German version of the yearbook of the Hungarian Carpathian Association from 1894. To this day, it stands in the central part of the […]

Greetings from prehistoric ages Štrbské Pleso

On a green meadow, near the path to Námestie MS in Štrbské Pleso, there is a group of boulders that resembles a prehistoric burial ground. From prehistoric times to the present day, stones have been an integral part of cult places and burial sites. It is likely that the stone cluster is one of them. […]

Vila Marína Štrbské Pleso

The summer house was built in 1982 by the then-director of Starý Smokovec and was named after the famous spa in Italy – Vila Tivoli. At that time, originally 10 accommodation rooms were created here, and medical treatments were also available to guests. It was renamed during the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic. It got […]

Pekná vyhliadka – Lookout

The lookout at Pekná vyhliadka can be found near Smokovecká kyselka spring well above Starý Smokovec. Several undemanding routes lead to it. The ascent can also be combined with a walk to a calvary, which also leads to the outlook. The lookout is equipped with a wooden, covered gazebo with seating.

Wooden church in Tatranská Kotlina

The church is one of the most ornate Tatra wooden churches and is located in Tatranská Kotlina at the foot of the Belianske Tatras. It was built in the 19th century in the neo-Gothic style. It is characterized by a half-timbered structure and typical Tatra motifs, such as the flower edelweiss, which can be found […]

Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes in Starý Smokovec

The first brick chapel, which was built by the town of Spišská Kapitula in 1836. It was originally dedicated to St. Peter and Paul. Administratively it belonged to the parish of Mlynica. On June 29th on the feast of St. Peter and Paul, a big pilgrimage took place every year from the Tatra settlements to […]

Vila Flóra Starý Smokovec

The exhibition hall of the Tatra Gallery in Poprad can be found in Vila Flóra, which some historians consider to be the oldest building in the High Tatras. There are regular art exhibitions: photography, painting with a change of theme and we will also find a sports hall of fame of the City of High […]

Calvary in Starý Smokovec

The highest located calvary in Central Europe. Despite not being a traditional one, the calvary is an original artistic expression of the professional Slovak and Polish artists (2010 – 2013), symbolizing a tribute to our mountains. The calvary starts nearby the center of Starý Smokovec and the stops are along the sidewalk leading to Pekná […]

Meteorological Station in Starý Smokovec

The Meteorological Station was built in 1905 in the predominant Art Nouveau style. It is a small glass booth with a roof, which is located next to the Municipal Office and Vila Alica in Starý Smokovec. Every visitor can see the current weather here even today thanks to the barometer and printed information that are […]

Monument to Franz Kafka in Tatranské Matliare

In 1909, tourism began to come to life in Tatranské Matliare. Many well-known personalities were treated in the spa. From December 1920 to August 1921, the writer Franz Kafka was also treated for pulmonary tuberculosis in the settlement. He lived in the Vila Tatra. In his memory on August 16, 2001, a memorial plaque with […]

Traction Substation in Horný Smokovec

Traction Substation is located on the northern side of the railway line in Horný Smokovec. It was established before 1912 and today it is used as a traction substation of the Tatra Electric Railways. Since 2010, it has been declared a cultural monument. The floor plan is L-shaped and is built mostly in the Art […]

The Heart of Tatras

Almost perfect heart-shaped stone just above the railway, between stops Vyšné Hágy and Popradské pleso. After strong Tatra winds in 2004 observable from the train and is located at pillars 112 – 113. WARNING: Not accessible by foot, no trail leads there. Admire from the train only.

Mineral Spring Kyselka in Starý Smokovec

It has been said for many decades that natural springs have beneficial effects on humans. Many of them spring in the High Tatras. One such “source of health” is also found in Starý Smokovec. Smokovecká kyselka springs in a hollow, about 100 meters away from the amphitheater. Whoever it doesn’t cure, at least satiates. There […]

Tunnel in Vyšné Hágy

The tunnel in Vyšné Hágy is the highest in Slovakia. It is 150 meters long and ends directly at the National Institute, and a 700-meter-long siding once led to it. It started from the current train station, on the way to the tunnel where it forked into the boiler room. The siding first imported building […]

Chapel and Lake in Vyšné Hágy

The stone chapel full of thanksgiving was probably built by workers who worked on the construction of a large sanatorium and the first patients in 1938-41. The building includes a wooden cross and a number of monuments that give thanks for the healing and have been collected here for many years. Near the chapel, there […]

Partisan Bunker under Kriváň

About an hour’s walk from Tri Studničky on the way to Kriváň, we find a reconstructed partisan bunker marked with a memorial plaque, reminiscent of the difficult battle of German fascists with the partisan unit of the High Tatras, which took place here on January 14, 1945. One of the victims of the mentioned battles […]

Wolker’s Lakes in Tatranská Polianka

Jiří Wolker was one of the most prominent and talented Czech poets of the early 20th century, an important representative of poetics. In 1923, he was treated for tuberculosis in the sanatorium of doctor Michal Guhr in Tatranská Polianka. In the autumn, however, his health deteriorated sharply, and the recurrence of tuberculosis was accompanied by […]

Castle of the Prince Hohenlohe in Vyšné Hágy

The hunting lodge of Prince Hohenlohe in Vyšné Hágy, full name Christian Kraft Frust zum Hohenlohe-Ohringen, Herzog von Ujest was built in 1898 at his request, known in the Tatras, by architect Gedeon Majunka from Spišská Sobota. Hohenlohe used it exclusively privately and did not want the visits by the tourist public, which led him […]

Wooden Church in Starý Smokovec

The neo-gothic church of the Immaculate Conception in Starý Smokovec was built in 1888 in the alpine style with characteristic half-timbered masonry. The building, which attracts with its richly carved and decorated gables, perfectly harmonizes with the surrounding environment and is considered one of the most beautiful cultural monuments in the High Tatras. The church […]

Wooden Church in Dolný Smokovec

Roman Catholic wooden church – one of the most important architectural monuments of Dolný Smokovec was built at the end of the 19th century in the neoclassical Art Nouveau style. It was designed by the important Spiš architect Gedeon Majunke. The church was a great success at the time of its founding, it was written […]

Wooden Church in Tatranská Javorina

The wooden church in Tatranská Javorina was built by Prince Christian Hohenlohe. It is an atypical design church set in a beautiful setting on the outskirts of the village. It is surrounded by a small cemetery with a large tomb and in the distance overlooking the Belianske Tatras. The tomb belongs to the administrator of […]

Lourdes Cave in Dolný Smokovec

The stone chapel – Lourdes Cave is located near today’s National Institute of Pediatric Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases in Dolný Smokovec. It is a stone, brick dome with a bench suitable for meditation and prayer. It is located on the site of a former forest, which was destroyed by a great calamity, thanks to which […]

Lakes of Love at Štrbské Pleso

Lakes of love has origin name Štrbské rybníky. Founder of Štrbské pleso – Jozef Szentiványi have used them for trout fishing. Lakes in these days are very popular for walks and for young couples. You can find places to sit, relax there and you will be still near center of the village. The educational trail […]

Interesting places to visit nearby

Helicopter next to the Poprad-Tatry Airport

Experience what it’s like to sit in a real rescue helicopter. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of AIR – TRANSPORT EUROPE, in June 2021, an Agusta A109K2 helicopter was placed in the park in front of the Poprad-Tatry Airport complex, which is open to the general public, including the interior and the actual […]

Conservation Reserve of Folk Architecture in Osturňa

The village is located at an altitude of 600 to 900 m. in the NW part of the Spišská Magura mountain range. In the southern part of the cadastre, the Magura ridges reach about 1200 m above sea level. The village is situated on the border with Poland, in the vicinity of Tatranská Javorina, Ždiar, […]

Jánošík’s Footprint

Jánošík’s Footprint can be found on the road that connects Štrba and Važec. The column is located near the defunct settlement of Šoldov. On the column, you can see a hand and footprint, which someone apparently had carved there as a memorial to the legendary bandit captain Juraj Jánošík and his work in the vicinity […]

Farm Východná

Farm Východná is the highest located ecological farm in Liptov (930 m above sea level). They focus primarily on organic farming of cattle and sheep for milk production. Thanks to the exceptional quality of milk from the mountain area of ​​the High Tatras, they offer exclusive cheese delicacies and delicious natural cheeses under the Farma […]

Wild Boar Reservation

The wild boar reservation serves as one of the ways to see the wild boar behind the safety of the fence. The wild boar is in the natural environment of the forest, where it raises its young. In these fields, one has the opportunity to see it in situations where it would be dangerous in […]

Park of Mountain Guides

Park in the center of the village Nová Lesná, which prides itself not only with the title of “Village with the most beautiful view of the High Tatras”, but also the birthplace of mountain guides. Most mountain guides and rescuers in Slovakia come from this village. There are 15 benches in the shape of a […]

The Sinai Chaple in Nová Lesná

The Sinai Chapel consists of a sacrificial table, a decalogue, and a bell tower. The chapel is built on the site of the former stones of the founders. The building is located at the crossroads in the middle of the satellite of the village Nová Lesná. It has a circular floor plan on which are […]

The Sundial in Nová Lesná

The sundial is one of the oldest known scientific instruments used to measure time. Their principle is based on the movement of the shadow cast by the pointer, during a sunny day. The basic idea of this sundial was to create a space offering the possibility of reflection. Reflections on time, watching its course in […]

The Extinct Medieval Settlement of Šoldov

The remains of Šoldov have been preserved for a relatively long time, both in oral tradition and in cadastral names, the written mention is from 1667 (… a desolate Šoldov church … in Hain’s chronicle). According to the folklore of the old inhabitants of Štrba and the adjacent villages, various incidents about this locality have […]