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Plants of the National Park

The Tatra vegetation belongs to the flora of the high central Carpathians. The size of the area, large elevation range, alternation of different geological subsoils, specific climatic and kimroclimatic conditions in deep valleys, soil conditions and, last but not least, historical factors have influenced plant development in the Tatras and offer the possibility of existence and experiencing a wide range of species. Almost 1650 species of essential oils and algae, 1200 species of lichens, more than 720 species of mosses and 1400 species of vascular plants are diagnosed in the Tatras. There are several plants that have the only place of occurrence in Slovakia, such as Campanula serrata, Euphrasia tatrae or Papaver tatricum.

A number of plant remains have been preserved here from the ice age, such as the Arctous alpina, Elyna myosuroides, Ranunculus glacialis. Other very rare plant species that occur in one or only a few localities in the Tatras include Armeria alpina Willd, Carex parviflora Host, Pulsatilla vernalis.

In the mountain and higher mountain vegetation level very humid to wet non-forest habitats, which are peat communities, are widespread. These provide a biotope for several critically endangered plant species.

You can see the beauty of many Tatra plants in the Botanical Garden – an exposition of Tatra nature, which is located in Tatranská Lomnica.