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Crypt of the Family Szontagh in Nový Smokovec

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novy smokovec krypta rodina hrobka szontagh

Mikuláš Szontagh was an important doctor, the founder of Nový Smokovec and a pioneer of climatic treatment of respiratory diseases and tuberculosis. Under his leadership, Nový Smokovec grew slowly. When he died in 1899, there were up to 38 buildings that formed a complex of healing settlements. The rest consisted of summer houses.

However, his personal life was often interwoven with grief and pain, as he was widowed twice. His third wife was the babysitter of her second marriage. He is buried in the crypt under the Evangelical Church in a tin chest next to his second wife and several other family members.

The crypt and the church with the lecture can be visited by arrangement with the priest Pavel Kušnír.

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