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Beer Spa – Minipivovar Tatras

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The beer bath was already a popular and effective therapy in the Middle Ages. It uses natural raw materials – hops, brewer’s malt extract and yeast. It has healing effects and is an excellent prevention against diseases. The beer bath cleanses the skin, has a healing effect on the hair and skin, relaxes muscles and supports your immune system. Brewer’s yeast and the substances contained in the beer give your body a whole range of B vitamins. Proteins and minerals contribute to the overall softening and regeneration of the skin with a rejuvenating effect, treat acne and cellulite.

The beer spa area of ​​the Tatras Mini Brewery will delight you with its modern interior. The rest will support the absorption of vitamins and extracts from the previous bath, which is designed for two people with the possibility of drinking their own beer. The capacity of the beer spa is a maximum of eight people, and as a supplement, a wrap or mask made from brewer’s yeast is offered. The spa includes a dry hop sauna, ice vat, beer bath, beer tapping, and an oat bed made of real wheat straw, where tension, fatigue and stress are released.

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