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Electric scooters are an ideal means of transport for easy, handy and fast exploration of the surroundings. This fun form of transport is suitable for the whole family. Rent an electric scooter in the Tatras Motion Shop, enjoy a day full of fun and discovery in the High Tatras.

Description and security:

– The scooter is designed primarily for riding on asphalt roads and paved forest and field roads. Due to its construction, the scooter is not designed for off-road riding.

– Only a person over 18 years of age with a minimum height of 150 cm and a maximum weight of 130 kg can be rented by a scooter.

– A safety helmet must be worn while driving. The use of knee and elbow pads, back protectors, reinforced gloves and sturdy shoes is also recommended.

– The scooter is for one person only. Scooter motor power 250 – 1000W, max. the speed must not exceed 25 km / h.

Price list: 1 hour – 12 euros, 2 hours – 22 euros, 3 hours – 29 euros + 1 hour 5 euros.

Deposit: 20 euros. Helmet for electric scooter free of charge.

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