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Tatranská minerálka – Tatra Mineral Water

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tatranska mineralka smokovec tatry plnicka

Tatranská minerálka (Tatra mineral water) is a jewel of all mineral waters not only in Slovakia! Its uniqueness lies primarily in absolute purity. The world’s uniqueness stems from the fact that it contains no microbiological contamination. It has an incredibly balanced and at the same time ideal low content of soluble minerals, which predestines it for all-day and daily drinking. It is equally suitable for children and adults. It owes its composition mainly to the altitude of the spring (1,030 m above sea level) and the granite subsoil.

It owes its delicious and unmistakable taste mainly to its ideal content of natural carbon dioxide (CO2). The Tatra mineral water is by far the only one that contains only natural CO2. It is not supplemented with artificial (damaging) CO2 or otherwise treated. The location of the spring (also the filling building), the relatively low yield of the spring, the unmistakable taste and several unique properties make it a very rare, desirable and world-premium water that is suitable for all types of gastronomy. The Tatra mineral water is the most suitable, whether it is a friendly wine gathering, a representative meeting or a family festive event. In 2020, the mineral water even won the internationally recognized Gold Quality Award from Monde Selection, which only confirms its quality and uniqueness.

Smokovecká kyselka, from which the Tatra Mineral Water is plundered, was even imported to Vienna’s court for the personal use of Queen Maria Theresa, on the backs of donkeys and horses. It was orange at the time, as there was no way to reduce the high iron content. However, the water quality was maintained for several weeks!

The building of the Tatranská minerálka is also a gem in ecological attitude, which you will find more about in the video with Gregor Mareš – ECOLOGICAL CHALLENGES IN TOURISM.

Note: the refill building is not open to the public and mineral water can only be ordered. If interested, it can also be purchased in local grocery stores.