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Predné Solisko

The name of the ridge is derived from the salt marshes that the shepherds from Štrba and Važec established for their herds. In the 20th century, a ski lift was built here, and later the Chalet Pod Soliskom, which is still in operation today. The chalet is accessible by chairlift, but for those who prefer to get here in the summer, from Štrbské pleso leads a blue-marked hiking trail (1,50 h) to Chata pod Soliskom and from there the red trail continues to Predné Solisko ( 40 min.). As the only peak in the High Tatras, it is accessible by hiking trails from Chata pod Soliskom to Predné Solisko (2117 m) not only in summer but also in winter.

Tips for hiking:

Ascent to Predné Solisko through Furkotská dolina

Medium challenging half-day hike. We start the hike from Štrbské pleso 0,40 h to a junction Rázcestie pod Furkotou. If we continued along the red trail we would get to a tarn Jamské pleso but we choose the yellow trail instead. After 1h. along first forest path and then stone steps we get to a […]

Ascent to Predné Solisko along the ski slope

A moderately strenuous half-day hike. We start our hike from the bottom station of the chair lift in Štrbské Pleso and continue up until the chalet Chata pod Soliskom – 1,50 h (). The trail is at first a forest path and then changes into rocky with stone steps. The chalet offers refreshment and a […]

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