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One of the best lookout peaks, which rises in the western part of the High Tatras. According to people from Zakopane, Svinica, when viewed from Gubalówka, has the shape of a pig’s head. Svinica is the last peak in the High Tatras and it is situated at the border of Slovakia and Poland. As it protrudes 100 to 150 meters above all the surrounding peaks at a point of three different valleys, it is one of the best lookout points in the Tatra Mountains. From here you can also see the easternmost independent peak Jahňací štít and Belianske Tatras. The most convenient starting point for tracks to Svinica is Zakopane, Poland. Significantly longer ascent to the peak is from Podbanské, through Tichá dolina, Kasprov vrch, Ľaliové sedlo, Krajná and Predná kopa and through Svinské sedlo. In many places, the ascent is technically demanding and secured by chains.

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