Kuszmannov bazár Poprad

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Few people today may know that Július Kuszmann from Kežmarok built Kuszmannov bazár on the floor plan of today’s Hotel Tatra (the name used until the recent past) in Tatranská Lomnica. The year was 1896 and it was actually the first store that opened its premises for customers in Tatranská Lomnica. The assortment on the shelves was wide, but above all, it consisted of different types of food. However, fate did not favor the shop and in 1903 it was engulfed in fire. Already the following summer, a new brick store stood in its place, to which a large covered wooden porch was added. Until 1945, the store was run by the son of the original owner, Július Kuszmann Jr., and the food remained there even after the confiscation. Visitors to the Tatras may know this building as Hotel Tatry, as it welcomed guests under this name even in the 20th century.

Today, however, its new era begins. Twelve luxury apartments were created in this building through the sensitive reconstruction of the original historical building. The historic architectural “monument” will be revived by the newer Art Deco style in the common areas, modern smart technologies in the apartments, which will take care of comfort, safety and allow you to control your apartment even when you are not in it.

In its shop in Shopping Center FORUM Poprad you will find home-made, freshly prepared products from the first artisanal bakery and confectionery in the High Tatras under the name Kuszmannov bazár. Well and lovingly prepared sourdough bread straight from the oven, desserts and cakes from great confectioners, delicious takeaway coffee and cakes to order. It is located on the 3rd floor near the food court.