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Pedal Planet Nová Polianka

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galeria pedal planet nova polianka

Pedal Planet is one of the largest private collections of pedal cars in Europe. More than 110 exhibits out of a total of 300 pieces are divided into six main groups in the Tatras Gallery. You are offered more than 50 unique cars, which are divided according to the country of origin: Italy, Germany, Russia, France and the United Kingdom and manufacturers in other European countries. A separate section is the luxury brand Rolls Royce.

A large part of the collection consists of extremely popular and rare cars Formula 1 and Indianapolis leading brands such as Giordani, Gimca, Pines, Morrelet Guerineau, Rosca, etc. The iconic models of the Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar brands will still win over your heart. Fans of Formula 1 and especially the Ferrari brand will be delighted by the corner dedicated to the queen of motorsport. Get to know the rich history of the Italian brand Ferrari, use the formula photo corner and take a nice photo with your children. In the retro section, many memories of the legendary pedal car Moskvič, that “parked” a few decades ago in many households in Slovakia, will come to life. In the experience part, the smallest ones will come into their own with cars made for photography or a carousel. In addition to toy cars, there is also a section of pedal motors and a fun chopper. A separate section is made by rockets and aircraft under the animated starry sky. The mobile Italian rocket for two small cosmonauts with full equipment is an attraction that is simply irresistible.

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