Rainerova chata

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Rainerova chata is the oldest chalet in the High Tatras. It was built in 1863 by Ján Juraj Rainer. It disappeared after a chalet Kamzík was built in 1884. It was restored in 1998. One can access the chalet year-round. The chalet offers refreshment without serving meals or accommodation. There is also a small exhibition of the history and present of mountain sherpas (the sherpas carry supplies to the chalets and Slovakia is the last country in Europe, where the chalets are supplied this way), a collection of old climbing tools and old skis. Peter Petras, the current chalet keeper, arranges events for big and small on a yearly basis. One of his creations is to build Bethlehem, as soon as he collects enough snow for it.

The chalet is located in Malá Studená dolina and you can reach it from Hrebienok by a green trail in about 20 minutes. To the chalet leads a comfortable red trail from Hrebienok that is also suitable for wheelchairs.

Tips for hiking:

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