Malá Studená valley

Malá Studená valley is 4.5 km long, terraced and often visited by tourists with old mining tradition (mining of gold and copper up to the half of 19th century). Obrovský waterfall, which is possible to admire straight from the Tatra arterial main path – red-marked path, falls over the bottom forested slope. Green-marked path enters the valley next to Zamkovský’s chalet. Above the pine zone, the valley is characterized by the massive rocky terrace (Veľký and Malý slope). After their passing along the attractive Žltá wall, the path reaches Téry’s chalet built in 1899 next to Five Spišské tarns. The dominant peaks which border the closure of the valley are Prostredný peak, Ľadový peak (the third highest in High Tatras) and Lomnický peak (the second highest in High Tatras). Above the chalet, the path continues to the side valley Dolinka under Sedielko, where there is possibility to choose between passing over Priečne saddle (yellow-marked path fixed with chains) to Veľká Studená valley and rising by green-marked path along the highest Tatra tarn – Modré tarn (2157) to the saddle Sedielko and further to Javorová valley.

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