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Castle of the Prince Hohenlohe in Vyšné Hágy

The hunting lodge of Prince Hohenlohe in Vyšné Hágy, full name Christian Kraft Frust zum Hohenlohe-Ohringen, Herzog von Ujest was built in 1898 at his request, known in the Tatras, by architect Gedeon Majunka from Spišská Sobota. Hohenlohe used it exclusively privately and did not want the visits by the tourist public, which led him to build a nearby 30-room hotel Erika (now ground floor apartments) for his wealthy acquaintances. There are also former horse stables a few meters from the building, which now serve as garages. The chateau still bears the same name and is used as a classic apartment building. We will find it just below the Cesta Slobody road (“Freedom Road”) on the left side towards the Vyšné Hágy primary school.

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