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Ascent to Vysoká

Vysoká is one of the most beautiful and frequently visited peaks in the High Tatras. It has an unmistakable shape and is an ornament of the Tatra panoramas. It has an altitude of 2650 meters above sea level and rises in the main ridge between the Mengusovská and Bielovodská valleys, more precisely above their branches Rumanová, Drača and Česká dolina.

The ascent to it by the classic route begins at Popradské pleso. We continue through Zlomisková dolina and after about 2 hours we come to Dračie sedlo. From Kotlinka pod Dračím sedlom we continue through a south-western notch to the central couloir and through it to Štrbina Vysoká. About 30 meters below Štrbina, we turn left and climb a rock plate secured by iron tools to the northwestern peak of Vysoká, which is slightly higher than the southeastern peak.

The descent usually leads through Štrbina pod Kohútikom and the saddle Váhy to Chata pod Rysmi and back to Popradské pleso.

Total Ascent: 1060m

Difficulty: medium

Duration: circa 8 hours

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