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Važecká Cave

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Underground treasury of upper Liptov. Važecká cave is one of the most famous caves in northern Slovakia. It belongs among the shorter accessible caves. The sightseeing route measures 235 meters, elevation is 5 meters and the cave has 88 steps. The duration of the tour is about 25 minutes. Cave temperature ranges between 6.5 ° C to 7.1 ° C.

The cave prides itself on a rich snow white sinter decoration. There are small lakes and an important paleontological site of bones of cave bears, which inhabited the caves year-round and they also raised their young there. The remains of skeletons are found almost exclusively in caves. The bear was predominantly a herbivore. He fed on plants and berries, very rarely smaller animals.

The cave is located in the Važecký kras („ Vazec Karst“) where the mountains Kozie chrbty meet Liptovská kotlina („Liptov basin“), on the western edge of the village Važec between Liptovský Mikuláš and Poprad. Parking is available in front of the cave entrance. The entrance to the cave, located 8 m above the flood plain of Biely Váh („White Váh“), is at an altitude of 784 m. The cave is open from February to the end of August.

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