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Self-service restaurant Popradské Pleso

+421 908 761 403
popradske pleso restauracia tatry bufet

The capacity of 100 seats in the self-service restaurant is available to all guests and in nice weather you can relax on the summer terrace, which offers almost 160 seats. Thanks to the self-service system, all guests can be served quickly, even during the busiest days of summer. The stylish Slovak room (part of the restaurant) has a capacity of another 40 seats and the Forest Bar approximately 35 seats. In the summer months, they also have an outdoor buffet KOLIBA with almost 60 seats.

You can choose from a menu of traditional Slovak dishes, prepared from fresh ingredients without the use of artificial flavorings. The restaurant supports Slovak producers and surrounding farms, which supply poultry, beef, lamb, vegetables, milk, cheese and bryndza (traditional Slovak cheese). For the facility, sweet corn, garlic or poppy, for example, are also grown in southern Slovakia. You can choose from a variety of drinks, for example, Sherpa tee, which is a delicious combination of herbs and fruit.

The menu includes typical Slovak or directly Tatra specialties. Be sure to try the true homemade halušky or Tatra bean goulash. Traditional dishes that include cabbage soup, excellent strong garlic soup or cauldron goulash are also popular. Deer, mutton goulash or bryndzové pirohy will fit you well when you return from the hike. If you prefer something sweeter, you will also find your favourite. You can choose from homemade freshly prepared fruit dumplings, buchty na pare (steamed buns filled with fruit jam), sourdough buns, or delicious strudels with poppies or apples from Slovak orchards and fields.

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