Majláthova chata

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majlathova chata popradske pleso tatry

Majláthova chata is situated at the shore of the tarn Popradské pleso, in the lower part of the valley Mengusovská dolina.

They started to build the chalet in 2006 in the neighborhood of the chalet Chata pri Popradskom plese. It was built in a place where the refreshment stalls stood in recent years and where the original Majláthova chata stood. The new building was approved in December 2010 and was put into full operation on March 26th 2011. On the ground floor there is a self-service dining room for 42 diners, more seats are on the open terrace. In the guest rooms upstairs there are nine beds with extra beds. The first administrator of the new Majláthova chata was Ing. Katarína Blašková.


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