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Mountain Wellness centrum – Hotel Horizont Resort

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In the Mountain wellness hotel Horizont Resort in Stará Lesná you’ll find a dry sauna “Nordic room”, which comes from the rich tradition of the Nordic people and where you can spend pleasant moments of relaxation. In this Finnish sauna, all worries will leave you alone. The temperature depending on a place in the sauna reaches from 65°C to 90 °C. Its effect is mainly to relax the muscles of the musculoskeletal system with subsequent overall relaxation.

In the infrared sauna “sunshine” invisible infrared rays provide you with heat, which affects the body like sunbeams without harmful UV radiation. Staying in the infrared sauna helps to reduce weight and break down fats. In addition, you will also find a steam sauna “pine forest “or salt sauna” Himalayan crystal “, which with a temperature of 45 °C and humidity up to 100% combines heat with the action of salt on the human body. Salt steam sauna is especially suitable for allergies, rhinitis and all respiratory diseases, rheumatic problems, also for the overall detoxification of the body. The salt sauna has air saturated with minerals and beneficial microorganisms. The interior of the sauna is made of salt crystals of Himalayan salt.

The pool lagoon also offers you undisturbed relaxation with many wellness attractions. The water in the pool has a pleasant 33 °C. It offers a full range of water hydromassage attractions, gargoyles, whirlpools, bead nozzles, bottom spout with handles for perfect blood flow of the feet, or water mushrooms, which stimulate acupuncture points throughout the body and thus contribute to its relaxation and regeneration. The magical atmosphere of the whole space is completed by a special mirror foil above the pool and a view of the beautiful Tatra nature through the glass facade.

In addition, there is a jacuzzi “natural spring”, a relaxation room with a waterfall, a bucket “ice storm”, a cooling pool “mountain lake”, a massage bed “hare den” and a sauna. The massage offers classic, relaxing, reflex, sports, Indian, Hawaiian, luxury chocolate, peeling, anti-cellulite, combined or honey massage or massage with lava stones. There is also a large selection of Thai massages.

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