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Woodcarvings in Poprad Kvetnica

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Discover woodcarvings of Tatra animals on a pleasant family walk in the suburban receational forest  Poprad –  Kvetnica near the High Tatras. You can get here by individual transport, public transport or by bike.

You can choose a short circuit around a popular quarry with beautiful views, where you can find e.g. woodcatvings of  snail, owl, fish or squirells.

If you choose a longer walk in the wider area, for example to the mouflon managerie, along the educational mining trail, along the Kvetnica educational trail, or to Krížová – the highest hill in this area , woodcarvings of the wild boar, mouflon, wolf, salamander, frogs or eagle will make your trip more pleasant.

Detailed descrition where you can find animals can be found on the attched map:

D1 – bat

D2 – salamander + frog

D3 – mouflon

D4 – wolf

D5 – eagle

D6 – fish

D7 – bear

D8 – snail

D9 – wild boar

D10 – owl

In addition of woodcarvings we recommend you to use one of the fireplaces in Kvetnica, children can play on the playground near Malý lom, or they can try barefoot path which is created near the playground.

📍 Poprad Kvetnica

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