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Educational Trail – Slovak Mining Trail

The Educational Trail Slovak Mining Trail (in Slovak Slovenská banská cesta) can be found in the Kvetnica district of Poprad. The trail offers us a pleasant walk in the woods and is focused on the history of mining and mining activities in this area. It is 3,200 meters long and is designed for all ages.

There are currently 5 information panels and 2 tunnels on the educational trail route. It is best to start the route at the flooded quarry in Kvetnica, where we can leave the car, or a short distance away at the Kvetnica bus stop. Information panels are not numbered, we can visit them in any order, both ways.

We find the first panel right at the flooded quarry, we’ll learn interesting information about the history of mining. Following the green sign of the educational trail and the yellow mining hammers, we continue to the Tunnel of St. Helena, where there is also a second panel on mining works.

We walk around a blind shaft, on the right side of the trail we can later see the beautiful lake Kvetnica, but we turn left, where the signpost takes us to the Silver Tunnel and to the information panel with some interesting information.

A little higher a panel on Mineralology of Kvetnica awaits us and at the end, or more precisely, at the beginning of the trail after a steep descent is the last panel on the Geology of Kvetnica.

As the chairman of the Mining Guild of Upper Spiš, Mr. Slavomír Kyseľa, told us, the goal is to gradually build a mining open-air museum in Poprad Kvetnica. “We started with educational boards and we will continue to build replicas of medieval mining equipment.” According to him, we can still look forward to the mining winch, and in the part of Tancuľka in Kvetnica, there will be a “Mining candelabra” installed in July which will be the largest one in the world of its kind with a mining theme. This candelabra will also be the gateway to the Educatonal Mining Trail.

We will regularly inform you about updates and progress on the trail.

The route can be combined with a visit to the Kvetnica Educational Trail.

    1. Slovak Mining Trail – introductory panel
    2. Mining works in Kvetnica
    3. Silver tunnel
    4. Mineralogy Kvetnica
    5. Geology Kvetnica

📍 Quarry in Kvetnica
🕑 1:30 h
↔   3,2 km

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