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Restaurant Sissi Tatranská Lomnica

+421 52 285 3500

Enjoy the atmosphere of excellence and the exhibition of Ladislav Medňanský’s masterpieces in harmony with the local flavors of the À la carte menu of the Sissi Restaurant in the Hotel Lomnica***** under the peak Lomnický štít. Upon entering, you will be amazed by the magnificent historic interior and the five-star care of the friendly staff.

The kitchen is headed by a gastronomic team of professionals whose goal is to surprise every gourmet. During the preparation of individual courses, they revel in atypical combinations of flavors, in visual tuning, in consistencies, so much so that guests regularly leave beyond enchanted.

The menu of the Sissi Restaurant is regularly based on an original and non-traditional concept of dishes. The culinary team prioritizes the seasonality of ingredients, the geographical aspect and a strong emphasis on locality. It uses the diversity of the surrounding nature, including those ingredients that are not normally used in the kitchen, such as needles, hay and many others. The precise selection of individual suppliers guarantees high quality in the resulting taste effect.

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