Restaurant SISSI Tatranská Lomnica

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restauracia sissi tatranska lomnica hotel

If you are truly open to culinary experiments, the Sissi restaurant has been made for you. Right after you enter, the premises will stun you with their grand historical interiors combined with truly exceptional works of art. The kitchen is run by a team of high culinary professionals who set as their essential priority to prepare a delightful surprise for every gourmet and food connoisseur. When preparing the respective courses, out staff enjoy blending unusual combinations of flavours, visual fine-tuning of details and textures and they do so with such grace and skill that our guests regularly leave the premises with their expectations highly exceeded.

Tasting dinners and the À la carte menu in the Sissi are firmly built on the original and untraditional meal concept. The priority of our culinary team is seasonality of the ingredients, geographical aspect and emphasis placed on local character. We take advantage of the diversity of the surrounding nature including the ingredients that are not commonly used in cooking, such as fir-needles, hay and many other. Rigorous selection of the respective suppliers guarantees a high quality of the resulting effect of flavours, bouquets and tastes.

The hotel also has the MOZART Café.

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