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The gallery is located directly in the oldest hotel in the High Tatras – Hotel Lomnica, an Art Nouveau building designed by the architect Gedeon Majunke. In the premises we can find gallery works of great painters from the period of Austria-Hungary (turn of the 19th and 20th centuries), the first Czechoslovak Republic, but also post-war modernism, especially by Slovak authors. In the old part of the hotel, you can enjoy the view of impressive works from the turn of the century – Art Nouveau – under which are signed such authors as Ladislav Medňanský, Dominik Skutecký, Eugen Szepesi-Kuszka, Nándor Katona, Antal Neogrady, Anton Jasusch, Janko Alexy, Miloš Alexander Bazovsky and others. In the younger (new) part of the hotel building, the gallery works of Milan Laluha, Mária Medvecká, Ferdinand Hložník, Vincent Hložník, Vladimír Kompánek and other authors will try to enchant you literally.

The hotel also offers guided tours!

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