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Educational Trail Monkova dolina

Very nice, but demanding educational trail with a large elevation and partially steep ascent will take us through 6 stops – from Ždiar to the mouth of the valley Monkova dolina through the confluence of the river Biela and a creek Rígeľský potok, through Monkova dolina, Široké sedlo to Kopské sedlo. Along the way we have beautiful views of the Belianske Tatras, from Široké sedlo we can already see the High Tatras. In the summer we see colorful, blooming Tatra meadows, often also chamois. The beginning of the educational trail is at the junction Monkova dolina. We can reach the junction in 0,35 hours either from the bus stop Ždiar Tatra or from Ždiar Strednica. The trail is accessible from June 15th – October 31st until winter closure.

  1. Junction at the confluence of a creek Rígeľský potok and river Biela
  2. Brook Gorge under Stredný Rígeľ
  3. Trail bend below the threshold of the valley
  4. Rest stop at the creek
  5. Široké sedlo
  6. Kopské sedlo

📍 Junction Monkova dolina
🕑 3:05 hour
↔   5,5 km

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