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lesmir mobilna aplikacia sprievodca

Lesmír is a guide to educational trails in the form of a mobile application. It will enable you to get to know nature actively – in the outdoors. In the video, the expert will explain where you are and what is interesting in the area. The videos also include cartoon animations, historical images of the landscape, and exclusive footage of wild animals.

Lesmír offers various educational trails – each is focused on one comprehensive topic. It will present the life of one of the forest inhabitants, or the functioning of the ecosystem as a whole. The trails lead along a specific route in nature and consist of stops located along the entire length of the trail. A short explanatory video, captions, images and other interactive content await at each stop.

When you want to go out into nature with Lesmír, plan a trip along the route of one of the trails – with each one you will find information about where the route starts, how difficult it is and how long it takes. Before visiting the educational trail, it is necessary to download the trail in the app, ideally through WiFi, due to the size of the files. Thanks to this, all videos will be played smoothly even in places where there is no signal. Then just come to the beginning of the route, start the trail in the app and let yourself be guided. The application notifies you of individual stops when you approach them on the route.

Trails (only in Slovak language):

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