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Skalnatá dolina

This valley is thanks to the hiking trails and connections of transport with Tatranská Lomnica (cable car to Skalnaté pleso tarn and cable car to Lomnický peak) highly visited all year-round. It‘s created by a rocky gorge with an interesting closure and it‘s bordered by Lomnický, Kežmarský and Huncovský peaks. The first touristic facility was built here in 1915. Nowadays, there are chalets Skalnatá chata and Encián open for tourists. The Observatory of the Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences is situated on the mounteside of Huncovský štít. No hiking trails lead to the closure of the valley except the prospective point Lomnické saddle, more precisely Veľká Lomnická veža. The most interesting attraction for tourists is the cable car to Lomnický peak. Skalnaté pleso is a favourite skiing resort during the winter and early spring thanks to the slope under the saddle Lomnické sedlo and slopes to Tatranská Lomnica. From the valley, there is a possibility to reach the saddle by a chairlift.

Tips for hiking:

Tatranská Magistrála: Part Two

Tatranská Magistrála cross-over from Chata pri Zelenom plese through a saddle Veľká Svišťovka, along a tarn Skalnaté pleso up to a chalet Zamkovského chata. In the section Chata pri Zelenom plese – Veľka Svišťovka, the hike is more difficult with partially exposed terrain secured by chains. It’s more beautiful to do the hike in the […]

Skalnaté pleso

Skalnaté pleso lies at an altitude of 1751 m. Originally called Lomnické pleso, it is situated in the valley Skalnatá dolina below the southern cliffs of Lomnický štít. According to measurements from 1935 it has 0,46 ha with dimensions of 119 x 58 meters, but according to measurements from 1963 it has 1,24 ha with […]

Lomnický štít and Lomnické sedlo

Lomnický štít (2634 m) Visit the second highest peak of the High Tatras. Get above the clouds by cable car and enjoy unforgettable views of surrounding peaks of the smallest grand mountains in the world. On top of the peak there is a small botanical garden, which is in service only during summer season and […]

Skalnatá chata

Skalnatá chata (1,725 m.) is situated in the center of the valley Skalnatá dolina (“Rocky Valley”) on a red trail Tatranská magistrála. In its close proximity leads the longest and highest built Tatra ski slope from a saddleback Lomnické sedlo (2,190 m) to Tatranská Lomnica (888 m). The chalet is accessible in several ways, following […]

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