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Lomnický štít and Lomnické sedlo

Lomnický štít (2634 m)

Visit the second highest peak of the High Tatras. Get above the clouds by cable car and enjoy unforgettable views of surrounding peaks of the smallest grand mountains in the world. On top of the peak there is a small botanical garden, which is in service only during summer season and also view-platform which offers breathtaking views of peaks and valleys in the High Tatras.

Lomnické sedlo (2109 m)

If you want to combine cableway trip with short hike in montain surrounding, then visit Lomnické sedlo. You can get here by cable car from Skalnaté Pleso. There is a hiking path from the cable car station at Lomnické sedlo to Veľká Lomnická veža that takes only 15 minutes, but it is open only during a summer season. This track offers beautiful views of Lomnický štít, Skalnaté pleso and to Malá Studená dolina. During the winter season Lomnické sedlo is the most attractive and steepest ski slope in Slovakia with a total ascent of 409 m.

Lomnicke sedlo

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