Educational Trail Belianske Meadows

The Belianske lúky National Nature Reserve is the largest preserved peat bog in Slovakia, with distinctive habitats, flora and fauna. We offer you the opportunity to learn more about the beauty of this unique location through an educational trail. The total length of the nature trail is 800 m. The whole route from the main road and back is about 1.8 km. The marked circuit, on the route of which there are 7 panels with interesting information in Slovak and English, is accessible by bicycle up to the reservation area. The reservation has a wooden overpass in the length of 250 m, accessible only to pedestrians. As this is a peat bog and a protected area, it is necessary to keep on the marked sidewalk, in the rainier period we recommend waterproof shoes. At one point, the sidewalk is currently slightly damaged, but it is safe to walk on it. The sidewalk is open all year round, but we definitely recommend it at the time of flowering.

The Educational trail Belianske lúky is located by the cycle path between Tatranská Kotlina and Spišská Belá near Diviačia obora, at the beginning of the trail, we find a wooden gazebo with a signpost Šarpanec – Lendak.

N 49° 12.630 E 020° 22.425

📍 Next to the road 66, in the direction of Tatranská Kotlina – Spišská Belá
🕑 0:30 h
↔   1,8 km

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