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Botanical garden – Exposition of Tatra Nature in Tatranská Lomnica

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expozicia tatry priroda zahrada lomnica

The Botanical Garden is located on the northeastern edge of Tatranská Lomnica near the Hotel SOREA Titris. It covers an area of 3,2 hectares. The visitor can see 270 species of Tatra plants inhabiting various habitats, some can be bought in the form of seedlings or seeds. The Exhibition of Tatra Nature also has a small geological area, several beautiful lakes or a memorial place dedicated to those who promoted and implemented the idea of the Tatra National Park.

It carries a cultural and educational mission. The primary goal of the Tatra Nature Exposition is to get to know the Tatra nature as well as to save and preserve rare and endangered species of the Tatra flora, their protection and education for an active relationship with the Tatra nature.

Botanical garden is open from the middle of May till the middle of September. It is closed now.

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