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Digitálna galéria Poliankovo Tatranská Polianka

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tatranska polianka poliankovo

Poliankovo ​​is a digital gallery and a café. In an area of ​​about 500 m², they create a nice visual experience and, with the help of modern technologies, bring art closer to all people who visit them.

An exhibition entitled “Dialogue with the Planet”, created in collaboration with Slovak documentary filmmaker Pavol Barabáš, is currently taking place there. Thanks to digital technology, visitors will get a feeling that motivates them to get to know our planet more deeply. Various forms of presentation are used, such as digital simulations, virtual reality, 3D projections, augmented reality, photography or shadow play. The presentations are located on an area of ​​600 m² and offer up to 140 m² of projection screens and 120 m² of mirrors.

Thanks to augmented reality, graphic artists were able to move Ľubomír Korenko’s paintings. A wolf, fox, bear or the city of Poprad will come to life on the screen.

They also managed to scan inaccessible parts of the Domica cave, which is the most famous and longest cave in the Slovenský kras (“Slovak karst”). There are two sets of virtual glasses ready, through which you can see the cave.

More information can be found HERE!

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