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The north wall of Malý Kežmarský štít

The north wall of Malý Kežmarský štít is the highest wall in the Tatras and with a height of 900 meters, it is an attraction for many climbers. The northern wall is crossed by the ledge of Nemecký rebrík (“German ladder”), which ends in Ušaté sedlo, where it is connected with Medené lávky, leading to the ascent to Lomnický štít. Most often it is climbed in the lower part up to Nemecký rebrík, where many ascents end and the ladder serves as a descent route. There are many climbing routes of varying difficulty. Of the easier ones, it is e.g. ridge hike with beautiful views of the northwestern edge with difficulty II. and III. across the Ušatá veža to the top.

If someone wants to climb the entire northern wall of Malý Kežmarský štít, the classic ascent leads along Stanislawski’s route, difficulty VI.


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