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Art Lasák Gallery & Shop

+421 949 833 292
art lasak galeria poprad

Art Lasák Gallery & Shop in Poprad was founded by the artist Silvia Lasák, who, in addition to her own work, presents the original works of more than 40 professional artists from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, whom she knows personally from various artfests, exhibitions and international symposia. In the gallery, in addition to beautiful original works, you will also find hand-painted clothes, silk scarves, handmade jewelry, interior accessories made of wood and other materials, crocheted products, works on request and gift vouchers.

If you desire a unique piece of art, you are at the right address. They adapt the works to your idea, interior, price budget, color combination and all this under the supervision of an experienced interior designer. Visualization of the work in the interior is a matter of course, as well as the opportunity to try the given work in the interior before buying. They also have an e-shop available where you can choose and buy the work from the comfort of your home.

The gallery also organizes sales exhibitions and various events connected with guided wine tasting, as well as individual or group tours.

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