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Wooden Church in Starý Smokovec

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The church was built by the Bishop of Spiš, Juraj Császka, at the request of Archpriest Klotilda. The project was made by architect Gedeon Majunke from Spišská Sobota. The solemn consecration of the church took place on August 26, 1888. A year later, a picture of the Holy Family painted on glass and a picture of St. George were installed. On the stained glass window depicting St. Juraj (St. George) is the coat of arms of Bishop Juraj and Császka. In 1959 the church was reconstructed and a new tower was built. In 1977, the colored stained glass windows, made by the academic painter Vincent Hložník and his wife and daughter, began to be realized. In 1981, a new flute organ was built in the church, which was built by a master from Brno, Mr. Holčapek with co-workers.
Next to the church there is also a wooden gazebo with a bench on which also John Paul II sat during his visit to Slovakia.

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