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Museum of the National Park in Tatranská Lomnica

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muzeum tanap tatranska lomnica

The Museum of the National park continues the traditions dating back to 1883 when the Hungarian Carpathian Association founded the Carpathian Museum in Poprad. In 1949, the Tatra National Park Act was established. One of the tasks of the park administration was to create a research station and a museum. From its establishment in 1957 until 1959, the Museum was based in the Podtatranské museum in Poprad. After moving to Tatranská Lomnica, the first exhibition was created in the so-called Sečéniovský letohrádok. The new exposition was installed in a new building, one of the first purpose-built new museums in Slovakia. The museum’s collections contain a number of objects from the fields of botany, zoology, history, cartography, geology and ethnography.

For larger groups, the museum also offers the screening of films with a capacity of 72 seats and in the souvenir shop it is possible to buy postcards, maps, books, DVD movies, brochures, stickers, products made of natural materials – leather or clay.

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