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Ascent to Ľadový štít

Ľadový štít is the third highest peak of the High Tatras with an altitude of 2627 meters above sea level and is also a very popular peak for mountain guide climbs.

It is located in the main ridge of the High Tatras between Malý Ľadový štít and Zadný Ľadový štít. It is separated from the Zadný Ľadový štít by Ľadová priehyba a známy Ľadový kôň – a section of about 20 meters of narrow rock blocks. It got its name from Ľadová dolina, which from Javorová dolina reaches into the northern slope of this peak and the snow is stored in its gorge all year round. You won’t find snow on the peak itself all year round.

Nowadays, the ascent to Ľadový štít starts from Malá Studená dolina. After a stop at Téryho chata, we proceed through Kotlina Piatich Spišských plies to Ľadová priehyba. As we progress along the rocky ridge, we overcome the legendary Ľadový kôň and ascend to the top of the Ľadový štít.

A more difficult transition is from Sedielko, or through Pfinova kopa through Malý Ľadový štít to Ľadový štít.

There are several possibilities of ascent and descent routes, you can agree on the exact route with the guide before the ascent itself.

The starting point is usually Hrebienok, but you can shorten the route by sleeping at Téryho chata and set off in the morning and climb to the peak.

Total Ascent: from Hrebienok almost 1400m

Difficulty: II – mediocre

Duration: 8 – 10 hours

By more technically demanding climbs, one leader can lead a maximum of 2 people.

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Mountain Guide Association High Tatras

The Mountain Guides Association brings together leaders with a valid international certificate UIAGM-IVBV-IFMGA, which are abbreviations for the worldwide Union of Mountain Guides. They provide leadership and guide services in mountainous terrain throughout the year. In addition to guide services, they also organize ski mountaineering tours, ice climbing, avalanche courses, etc.


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