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Wooden Church in Tatranská Javorina

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The wooden church in Tatranská Javorina was built by Prince Christian Hohenlohe. It is an atypical design church set in a beautiful setting on the outskirts of the village. It is surrounded by a small cemetery with a large tomb and in the distance overlooking the Belianske Tatras. The tomb belongs to the administrator of Javorina, Eduard Kégel, who died in 1911. The tomb was built by Prince Hohenlohe as a token of gratitude and respect. He respected Kegel so much that he was the first to be allowed to hunt game after ten years of breeding without a single hunt. To the left of the administrator’s tomb, Hohenlohe himself and his wife, an unborn Catholic and Polish artist Otýlia Lubraniec-Dambská, found a resting place. The famous painter of the Tatras – Jaroslav Votruba – also rests at the cemetery in the grave with a tombstone.

Count Hohenlohe consecrated the church of St. Anne, patroness of forestry work, despite a different faith.

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