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RENT BIKE – Vysoké Tatry

+421 910 963 049
rent bike pozicovna vysoke tatry

The company deals with rental, service of bicycles and electric bicycles and operates throughout the Tatra and foot of the Tatra region. Bicycles can be rented from partners, or their clients can be transported directly to the designated place.

In addition to bicycles, it is possible to rent child seats, helmets and children’s bicycles.

How does it work?

If you are staying with a company partner, all you have to do is simply report the number of bicycles, the height of the people and what other accessories and services you are interested in. You will have everything ready in the agreed territory.

If you are not accommodated with a company partner, contact +421 907 152 223 or +421 910 963 049 and the procedure will be the same as importing bicycles directly to the agreed place.