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Original Beer Bath – Tatranská Lomnica

+421 948 505 080

The first beer bath in the High Tatras according to its own recipe, created from a live beer with a number of substances that are beneficial to health and added Tatra spring water. Beer is also called liquid gold, and this popular drink could be tasted by people in ancient Mesopotamia. There is no doubt about its positive effects. Beer has detoxifying effects and at the same time has a regenerative effect on the hair, skin and nervous system. Our beer bath has rejuvenating effects, will provide perfect relaxation for body and soul, and beer consumption will also caress your taste buds. Exclusively unpasteurized and unfiltered live beer is also served during the beer bath.

Relaxation with soothing music continues by entering the sauna, resting on a straw bed or in the relaxation room “birch grove”. It is necessary to book an appointment at least 24 hours before arrival to the wellness at: +421 948 505 080 or [email protected].

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