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Educational Trail Štrbské Pleso

The educational trail is focused on the history of the settlement of Štrbské Pleso, flora, fauna and personalities that were active here, sport events, the spa history and a lot of other useful information. The route leads from the railway station in the direction of the ski resort under the bridges at the FIS hotel – around Štrbské pleso – a hotel complex on the southern bank of Štrbské pleso (Kúpeľná ul.) – around Nové Štrbské pleso – Jazierka lásky. The route has a total of 40 stops.

  1. Attractions at Štrbské Pleso
  2. Tarns in the cadastre of Štrba
  3. Undemanding hikes
  4. Štrbské Pleso in movies
  5. Jazierka lásky (“Lakes of Love”)
  6. Climate spa
  7. Prónay vila and Gemerka
  8. Olympians from Štrba
  9. Interesting events
  10. Precious visits
  11. Tips for more demanding hikes
  12. Useful information
  13. World Championship 1970
  14. Traditions of ski events
  15. Cross-country skiing trails
  16. Anděl’s ski slope
  17. Ski jumping
  18. Mlynická dolina
  19. Boating
  20. Interesting facts about the lake
  21. Promenade around the tarn
  22. Jozef Szentiványi – the founder of Štrbské Ples
  23. Máša Haľamová
  24. Hotel complex – Kriváň, Hviezdoslav, Jánošík
  25. Hotel Solisko
  26. Kovalík’s double cross
  27. Transport at Štrbské Pleso
  28. Móry’s hotel and lookout tower
  29. Nové Štrbské pleso
  30. Which animals live here
  31. Wood grouse
  32. Bear
  33. Chamois
  34. Marmot
  35. Eagle
  36. Swiss pine and dwarf pine
  37. Tatra forest
  38. Tarns and waterfalls
  39. Tatra National Park flora
  40. Rare plant species of the Tatra National Park

📍 Štrbské Pleso
🕑 2:45 h
↔   6 km

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