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Ski Museum Tatranská Lomnica

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ski muzeum tatranska lomnica tatry

The Ski Museum exposition in Tatranská Lomnica, on an area of ​​almost 300 m2, focuses on the history of the origin and development of winter sports in the High Tatras from their very beginning until 1945. Visitors of the museum will learn a lot of interesting information about the beginning of skiing, skating, curling, mountaineering, sledding or bobsledding in the High Tatras. Each thematic area is complemented by exhibits, which together with the text part will provide visitors with a perfect picture of what it once looked like in the High Tatras. The biggest attractions of the museum certainly include 3,07 m long skis from 1885 and an exhibition of old racing bobsleighs, which once plowed the bobsleigh tracks in Tatranská Lomnica. A sight for sore eyes of the museum visitors is a workshop for the production of wooden skis, ski poles or leather boots. The little ones will be captivated by the fairytale atmosphere of Gertrúdina chata (Gertrúda’s chalet), which in the past stood at the start of the bobsled and toboggan run in Tatranská Lomnica. Today, it forms an integral part of the exposition of our museum, which is especially enjoyed by children.

You can share your experiences or impressions of the museum in the pleasant environment of the café, with a cup of good coffee.

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