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Vila Marína Štrbské Pleso

masa halamova pullman vila marina strbske pleso

The summer house was built in 1982 by the then-director of Starý Smokovec and was named after the famous spa in Italy – Vila Tivoli. At that time, originally 10 accommodation rooms were created here, and medical treatments were also available to guests. It was renamed during the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic. It got its name from the famous character from the work of Andrej Sládkovič – Marína. From 1930 to 1956, a prominent doctor – an expert in lung diseases, allergies and asthma, M.D. Ján Pullman with his wife, assistant and Slovak poet Máša Haľamová, whose memorial is located near the building.

In the years 2014 to 2015, the villa was renovated and today this cultural monument serves as a modern apartment accommodation overlooking the Štrbské Pleso.

You can find a short video presentation of the building with the exact location HERE!

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