Skalnatá chata

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Skalnatá chata (1,725 m.) is situated in the center of the valley Skalnatá dolina (“Rocky Valley”) on a red trail Tatranská magistrála. In its close proximity leads the longest and highest built Tatra ski slope from a saddleback Lomnické sedlo (2,190 m) to Tatranská Lomnica (888 m). The chalet is accessible in several ways, following the red mark ( ) from Hrebienok and tarn Zelené pleso, the green mark ( ) from Tatranská Lomnica and the blue mark ( ) from Kovalčíkova poľana. For comfortable people, there is a cable car available all year round from Tatranská Lomnica to Skalnaté pleso, from where it’s just a few steps to the chalet.

Tips for hiking:

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