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Astronomical Educational Trail

lomnica astronomicky naucny chodnik

Currently, the educational trail contains 13 panels with the most important information not only about the instrumentation of the Astronomical Institute but also about celestial bodies. The trail starts at the main building of the institute and ends at the last dome with binoculars. From Tatranská Lomnica, a trail leads to it, either for pedestrians, but it also serves as a cycle path. We can also come here by car and park directly in front of the Slovak Academy of Sciences building, where the trail begins. The trail is nicely marked, the boards are numbered, always showing the direction to the next station. A few times a year, the institute opens its doors during the Open Day and the Science and Technology Week. Dates are available HERE.

The trail is accessible all year round, in summer the trail is a pleasant addition to the bike trip.

  1. Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
  2. Sun
  3. Planet
  4. Moon
  5. Comet and asteroid
  6. Meteor and meteorite
  7. Pavilion G1
  8. Institute of Geophysics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Meteorological observatory
  9. Star
  10. Horizontal solar telescope
  11. Galaxy
  12. Universe
  13. Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Pavilion G2

📍 Astronomický ústav, Stará Lesná – Tatranská Lomnica
🕑 0:30 h
↔   1 km

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