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Grand Mountain Spa – Grandhotel Praha

+421 902 464 395

The main inspiration for the philosophy of the Grand Mountain Spa in Tatranská Lomnica is a concept based on the health benefits of typical conifers such as pine or rhododendron, medicinal mountain herbs, sweet forest fruits, honey, but also subterrestrial gifts such as salt and precious stones.

An unrepeatable experience for every visitor is a stay in the outdoor part of the wellness center, where one looks across the water surface at the entire Poprad basin stretching under the Lomnický peak or where one can watch the glittering starry sky at night directly from the pool.

The wellness area offers an infrared and bio sauna, an outdoor pool, a cooling pool, a steam bath, two whirlpools, a Finnish sauna, a relaxation area and an outdoor sauna. From the massage and procedures, there is a choice of raindrop therapy, herbal procedures, warming wraps, anti-cellulite wrap, honey wrap, wax paraffin back wrap, classic massages, relaxation massage, sports massage, Tatra wood massage, junior massage, head massages, massage for couples, whole-body scrub or peat wrap.