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Waterfall Skok

Waterfall Skok is a massive waterfall in the middle of the valley Mlynická dolina, well visible from Štrbské pleso. Legend has it that it originated from a girl’s tears, weeping for the loss of a beloved, a poacher who died here, chasing chamois. Close to the waterfall, there is a hiking trail from Štrbské Pleso (yellow marked trail ), secured by chains of the waterfall. The waterfall falls from a rocky threshold at an altitude of 1789 m. The waterfall is formed by the Mlynica river, which is a tributary of the Poprad river. You can get there all year-round in about 1,5 hours.

Tips for hiking:

Ascent to Predné Solisko along the ski slope

A moderately strenuous half-day hike. We start our hike from the bottom station of the chair lift in Štrbské Pleso and continue up until the chalet Chata pod Soliskom – 1,50 h (). The trail is at first a forest path and then changes into rocky with stone steps. The chalet offers refreshment and a […]

From Chata pod Soliskom to Wahlenbergove tarns

Medium challenging half-day hike with a help of a chairlift from Štrbské pleso to a chalet Chata pod Soliskom. We’ll take a blue marked rocky trail () 0,15h. to a junction Rázcestie pod Soliskom from where we turn off onto a yellow trail (). We follow 1,15h. through a valley Furkotská dolina up to the […]

Hike through Mlynická and Furkotská Dolina

All-day challenging hike through the valleys Mlynická and Furkotská dolina rich in natural beauty without any refreshment. The route takes us twice through more exposed terrain and is secured by chains. We start from Štrbské Pleso through the Mlynická dolina towards the Waterfall Skok, where leads a pleasant, slightly ascending forest path, later a rocky […]

Hike to Waterfall Skok

A simple hike also for families with kids. We start at Štrbské Pleso, where we can get either by tram or there are several parking lots available in the area. The beginning of our trail to the Waterfall Skok 1,35 h () can be found at the signpost at the turn to the chairlift to […]

Capie a Okrúhle pleso

Capie and Okrúhle plesá are located on the last terrace of the valley Mlynická dolina. Capie pleso has an elevation of 2075 m. and Okrúhle pleso 2105 m. Along the way you can also see tarns Pleso nad Skokom, Kozie and Volie plieska. You can reach them by more demanding ascent from Štrbské Pleso along […]

Pleso nad Skokom

Beautiful tarn above the Waterfall Skok situated at an altitude of 1 801 m., area of 0,735 ha, depth 1,2 m. It’s accessible from Štrbské Pleso by yellow marked trail . You can visit first the Waterfall Skok 1:35 h and then climb up to parts secured by chains cca 10-15 minutes. You can even […]

Štrbské pleso

Štrbské pleso is one of the most famous Tatra tarns that is accessible to the general public. It’s situated at an altitude of 1346 m. and is the second largest tarn on the Slovak side of the High Tatras. It has a surface area of 19,8 ha and the maximum depth is 20 metres (66 […]

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