Zamkovského chata

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Zamkovského chata is located in the High Tatras in Malá Studená dolina at an altitude of 1475 m. It takes about an hour to walk from Hrebienok along the red trail in the direction of Skalnaté Pleso. The trail to the chalet is undemanding, open all year round, that’s why this tour is especially popular with families with children. Along the way you will be enchanted by Obrovský vodopád (“Huge Waterfall”) and beautiful views of the Tatra basin and by the time you know it, you reached your destination.

Zamkovského chata offers not only snacks, but also accommodation. Every minute of the year and in every situation, there is a staff at the chalet ready to provide you with the necessary refuge and assistance.

Zamkovského chata has 23 beds and 2 extra beds. The chalet offers 3 quadruple rooms, 1 five-bedroom and 3 double rooms. The rooms have bunk beds. Toilets and showers with hot water are in the hallway. In case of bad weather, it is also possible to spend the night in the sleeping bag in the attic.

Tips for hiking:

Obrovský waterfall

Obrovský waterfall is one of the waterfalls which are created by the creek Studený potok and is situated in a valley Malá Studená dolina in 1330m. altitude. It is approximately 20 metres high. The waterfall is accessible by red-marked trail from Hrebienok. Other waterfalls and cascades of Studený potok are possible to admire on the […]

Waterfalls and Cascades of Studený Potok

The Waterfalls of Studený potok form a section of Studený potok from the confluence of the creek Veľký Studený potok from the valley Veľká Studená dolina and Malý Studený potok from Malá Studená dolina in close proximity to the former chalet Kamzík, up to the chalet Bilíkova chata, where the waterfalls end. The creek Studený […]

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